Elden Ring DLC Can Honor Let Me Solo Her Better Than Fan Art

Elden Ring DLC Can Honor Let Me Solo Her Better Than Fan Art

Elden Ring player “Let me solo her” has become infamous for their helpful duels against Malenia, and FromSoftware should honor this powerful player.

The legendary co-op player “Let me solo her” has quickly become an Elden Ring icon, and FromSoftware should pay tribute to this powerful player in downloadable content. The open-world fantasy epic takes the Dark Souls formula and expands it to encompass the massive world of the Lands Between. Elden Ring features both grueling boss fights and seamless multiplayer mechanics, which together have led to the amazing legend of “Let me solo her.”

While one player can beat Malenia with no hits at Level 1, many players consider the Blade of Miquella to be the hardest boss in Elden Ring (or even in FromSoftware’s games entirely). Found at the bottom of the optional Haligtree region, the lightning-fast demigod attacks players with a blinding flash of sword swipes. One misplaced block or dodge often leads to a swift end when fighting Malenia, and the terrifying foe also regenerates health with each hit which turns the fight into a drawn-out battle of attrition. Many Elden Ring players therefore choose to rely on multiplayer mechanics to beat Malenia, with the summoning feature letting gamers call for aid from other Tarnished adventurers, and Let me solo her has become well-known as the best ally against the Goddess of Rot.


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Let me solo her has recently become a famous Elden Ring player to summon due to their unusual style and undeniable power. Wearing nothing but a jar on their head, the Tarnished warrior makes themselves available to summon with the request that they be allowed to face Malenia alone. Summoning other players can double a boss’ usual health, but this rarely stops “Let me solo her” from dominating the Goddess of Rot in their deadly duel while allies watch from the sidelines. The player’s bizarre attire, terrifying skill and selfless drive for jolly cooperation has made them a legend among the Elden Ring community.

Let Me Solo Her fighting Malenia

While fans have paid tribute to Let me solo her through fan art and memes, developer FromSoftware should honor this iconic player in Elden Ring DLC. A statue of the jar-wearing warrior could be added to a new area in the expansion, paying homage to the iconic minimalist outfit. Rumors surrounding an Elden Ring PvP DLC suggest that an expansion will open up coliseums for players to host organized fights, and this would be an ideal, thematically appropriate place to honor Malenia’s greatest menace. FromSoftware could even add a new multiplayer item that enhances cooperation and references Let me solo her in some way.

Let me solo her has quickly become a staple of Elden Ring discussion, with the player exemplifying the quest for challenge that drives FromSoftware titles. While the community has already immortalized the character, it would be a treat for everyone to see FromSoftware honor them in some way, and the player’s recognizable wardrobe would make the homage easy to identify even without the name attached. Let me solo her apparently lost to Elden Ring’s Malenia 242 times before becoming a master, and this dedication to conquering the Blade of Miquella should be rewarded. Whether as a statue in a colosseum or a new item to bolster multiplayer, Let me solo her should definitely be honored as an Elden Ring legend.

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