Elden Ring Has The Weirdest Weapons

Elden Ring Has The Weirdest Weapons

Elden Ring features a huge array of weaponry that the Tarnished character can use on their quest through the Lands Between, but some are really weird.

Elden Ring’s choice of weaponry gives players an incredible amount of options to choose from when it comes to how they want to fight their way through the Lands Between, but some of them are downright weird or even creepy upon closer inspection. Players can choose to wield anything from daggers and short swords all the way up to what are essentially giant slabs of metal with handles, with some truly bizarre creations in between. What weapons the Tarnished wields are mainly dictated by which stats the player chooses to level, with every weapon having a minimum stat requirement to wield that will otherwise make the weapons virtually useless, such as some of Elden Ring’s Faith and Arcane scaled weapons.


FromSoftware is no stranger to including some weird and wonderful weaponry in their games, as can be witnessed in the Dark Souls series with items such as the Dragons Tooth, so it’s not too surprising to see the trend continue in Elden Ring. With the Ashes of War system, players can largely customize most weapons to have the requisite abilities they desire, but there are several weapons with a unique ability that cannot be changed or replicated. Most of the weapons with these abilities are boss weapons, obtained through trading boss remembrances to the Finger Reader at Roundtable Hold, although some can be obtained by exploring Elden Ring’s vast world and stumbling across them.

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Some weapons are ridiculous through virtue of their appearance, such as the Rusted Anchor, whilst others like the Ringed Finger are actually pretty grotesque in both their design and description. Players are likely to pick up a lot of weapons that they will either be unable to or otherwise uninterested in wielding, so it’s easy to miss some of these weird designs, especially for characters who are primarily using bows or magic and so might be tempted to ignore the melee weapons they find. But with some diligent exploration, weapons like Elden Ring’s Wing of Astel curved sword can showcase the game at its whackiest.

Elden Ring’s Rusted Anchor Should Have Been Left By The Beach

The Rusted Anchor is an unusual weapon that can be obtained by defeating the Scaly Misbegotten boss in the Morne Tunnel, located in the weeping peninsula. Despite the weapon’s unusual appearance, it has actually proven to be quite popular in the PvP modes, where it can be seen fairly frequently due to its impressive attack power. This weapon also comes with the Barbaric Roar ash of war, although this weapon does allow the player to swap the skill out for something else should they wish to.

Elden Ring’s Ringed Finger Is A Macabre Weapon To Use

Elden Ring’s Ringed Finger club stands out as one of the weirdest in the game due to the obvious appearance of it, being a giant finger adorned with rings, but also for its item description which states “Some life yet remains in this legacy of an ancient act of blasphemy, as evidenced by the barely perceptible warmth it still exudes.”

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This seems to imply that the finger, and by extension likely the rest of the hand (wherever it may be), is still “alive.” Players wishing to wield this gruesome weapon for themselves can pick it up in Gelmir Hero’s Grave, in the Mt. Gelmir region of Altus Plateau, though it can take some work to get it.

Elden Ring’s Wing Of Astel Is An Actual Wing


Players who have levelled both Intelligence and Dexterity for weapons in Elden Ring will find the Wing of Astel to be a powerful, albeit unusual weapon. It has a unique skill called Nebula which unleashes a powerful series of explosions in an arc in front of the player, as well as a fast R1/RB attack making it another popular PvP weapon. To obtain this weapon, players must head to the Uhl Palace Ruins in the northern section of the Ainsel River underground.

Elden Ring’s Sword Of Milos Is A Giant’s Spine

The Sword of Milos is another weapon with an unusual backstory, being fashioned from the backbone of an undersized giant, and as such it’s unique skill is called Shriek of Milos, which the player cannot change. This sword can be obtained by defeating Elden Ring’s terrifying Dung Eater NPC and looting the weapon from his body. Due to the bones being sharpened on the edges to resemble, as the item description states, “A lopsided saw-blade,” it is perhaps unsurprising that this weapon also inflicts the bleed status effect on enemies.

Elden Ring’s Magma Whip Candlestick Is Deceptively Deadly


The Magma Whip Candlestick is another unusual weapon that is easy to miss, as it can be seen wielded by some of the serpent-men in Volcano Manor, but the player will not be able to obtain it from them and instead must complete a different task. After scaling Mt. Gelmir, the Tarnished is offered the chance to join Elden Ring’s mysterious Volcano Manor faction, and should they do so and complete the contract given to them by Patches, they will be rewarded with this unique weapon. This is also the only weapon on the list that is missable, as beating Volcano Manor’s final boss will render this quest unable to be completed.

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Elden Ring’s comprehensive New Game Plus modes give players the perfect opportunity to try out new weapons that they may have overlooked in their initial playthrough, and the higher levels that can be obtained through subsequent runs can also allow the player to wield weapons that they may not have had the requisite stats for beforehand. The level of choice FromSoftware has offered players with regards to approaching combat is impressive, and even more so is its dedication to retaining the quirk and charm that have been a staple in all of its games to date. As such, Elden Ring’s weirdest weapons stand up with some of the best in FromSoftware’s history, giving players plenty of choices when it comes to quirky builds that still have legitimate uses in both PvP and PvE.

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