Elden Ring Publisher & Brandon Sanderson Might Collaborate on a Game

Elden Ring Publisher & Brandon Sanderson Might Collaborate on a Game

After receiving some Elden Ring merch from publisher Bandai Namco, author Brandon Sanderson revealed that a collaboration might be in the works.

After working with writer George R.R. Martin on the massively popular Elden Ring, Bandai Namco has apparently reached out to famed writer Brandon Sanderson about potentially collaborating on a future game. This revelation is sure to please Sanderson’s massive fanbase, who recently helped the author shatter records on Kickstarter ahead of his next project.

On the other side, Elden Ring’s collaboration with George R.R. Martin was a major selling point for FromSoftware. Having the acclaimed author of the A Song of Ice and Fire series helping to develop the game’s lore was a feather in the cap of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. It was also essential in developing the first open-world game that FromSoftware has released, given that the game does not have a linear story but rather deep lore that players can discover and explore as they go. It appears that this experience has spurred Bandai Namco to consider a partnership with another widely-known and popular author.


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As reported by PC Gamer, during a recent stream Brandon Sanderson received an Elden Ring box set of merchandise from publisher Bandai Namco. In addition to some cool merchandise that included a replica sword, Bandai Namco included a letter to Sanderson. According to Sanderson, the letter stated that Bandai Namco would like to work with him. Sanderson responded by saying that he would be interested in a collaboration like this.

Although this is obviously very early in the discussion stages, fans are already imagining what a game from the writer of the Mistborn series could look like. Sanderson even admitted during the video that he did have an idea for a Soulsborne game and he has been outspoken about his love for certain video games in the past. It’s also not clear from the note (or at least the part Sanderson decided to share) that this proposed game would be related to Elden Ring or even be within the Souls-like genre. Nevertheless, given the praise Elden Ring received for its lore, that hasn’t stopped wild speculation.

As video games become more and more recognized as works of art that have many of the same story-telling properties, it makes sense that authors would begin to dip their toes into the medium. Video games like Elden Ring have not only been vehicles for telling interesting stories themselves but have also been the inspiration for books and movies. The rise of the video game adaptation is also a rising phenomenon as companies try to capitalize on games that have built legions of fans. A game developed with an already-popular author like Brandon Sanderson would instantly get recognition and attention.

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Source: PC Gamer, Brandon Sanderson/YouTube

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