Everything We Know About the Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Everything We Know About the Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Ever since HoYoverse dropped a video featuring the Fatui Harbingers, many Genshin Impact players seem to be suffering from a mild obsession with this notorious group of evildoers. Perhaps it’s no surprise, as the Fatui Harbingers are mysterious, dangerous, fabulous (looking at you, Arlecchino) and vital to the Genshin Impact story.

Who are the Fatui Harbingers? What do we know of the individual members so far? Here’s everything you need to know about the Harbingers, based on the recent video of their special gathering and their in-game appearances.

But beware, as the following text contains spoilers! If you’ve finished the Archon Quests (main story) in Inazuma, however, you’re good to go.

Who are the Fatui Harbingers?

You can’t play Genshin Impact without encountering the Fatui. The members of the diplomatic delegation from Snezhnaya are everywhere — scheming and fighting as they go. As if that doesn’t make them aggressive enough, the Fatui also have a military branch, the Fatui Harbingers.

The 11 Fatui Harbingers are sworn to the leader of Snezhnaya: the Tsaritsa. As stated by Harbinger leader Pierro, their goal is to “seize authority from the Gods” and realize “absolute peace.” Their names are based on characters featured in an old form of Italian theater, commedia dell’arte.

Here’s an overview of everything we know about the individual Fatui Harbingers.

Tartaglia - Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Tartaglia, the Childe

We all know Tartaglia, of course. Some of us even have him on our team (hey, we won’t judge you). As the youngest member of the Fatui Harbingers, he’s a born warrior and loyal subject to the Tsaritsa. Although he seems friendly enough on the outside, Tartaglia describes himself as a bad guy due to his lust for combat.

Even among the Fatui, Tartaglia is a bit of a lone wolf. After falling into the Abyss, where he was trained by a mysterious swordswoman, the once timid child turned into a fearless fighter. In the hope of taming his son’s temperament, Tartaglia’s father sent him to the Fatui — where his talents were noticed by Harbinger Pulcinella. Thus, Fatui Harbinger Childe was born.

La Signora Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

La Signora, the Fair Lady

Like most baddies, Genshin Impact’s most infamous Gnosis-stealer wasn’t born a villain. She started out as an ordinary woman from Mondstadt, then known as Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter. When Rosalyne’s lover Rostam became one of the Cataclysm’s casualties following the fall of Khaenri’ah, she became overwhelmed with grief and hatred. In her state of despair, she used liquid fire to transform herself into the Crimson Witch of Flame, making her powerful enough to eventually join the Fatui Harbingers as La Signora.

As we all know, La Signora made a habit of getting in the Traveler’s (i.e. the player character’s) way. Quick recap: She stole Venti’s Gnosis (Archon Vision) in Mondstadt, she took Zhongli’s Gnosis after deceiving Tartaglia in Liyue, and she tried to stall the Traveler on Inazuma’s Ritou island as part of a plan to steal Raiden Shogun’s Gnosis.

La Signora thought she could repeatedly disrespect the Traveler and live. She thought wrong. After a failed attempt to manipulate Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun, the Traveler defeats her in a duel before the throne. Following the rules of the duel, the Shogun executes the loser. And that was the end of the Crimson Witch of Flame.

Scaramouche Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Scaramouche, the Balladeer

Imagine being disliked not only by your enemies, but also your peers. That’s the case with Fatui Harbinger Scaramouche. He originally served as a puppet experiment for Ei, the leader of Inazuma. She wanted to know if she could create a vessel for her Gnosis (which she eventually did in the form of Raiden Shogun). Scaramouche was her first attempt.

Since Ei had no further use for him, but also didn’t wish to kill him, she allowed Scaramouche to live freely. Only after locking away his powers. However, when the living puppet stumbled upon the Fatui, they joined forces and unlocked these divine abilities.

As the Harbingers’ Balladeer, Scaramouche traveled the world and even met the Traveler during the “Unreconciled Stars” event (shortly after Genshin Impact’s release). He tried to kill the Traveler, but as we all know, didn’t actually succeed. When we later meet with Scaramouche during the Inazuma Archon Questline, he tries and almost succeeds again. If it wasn’t for Yae Miko, who trades Ei’s Gnosis for the Traveler’s life, our Genshin Impact adventure would have ended.

Scaramouche took off with the Gnosis and hasn’t been seen since. When Harbinger Il Dottore was asked about Scaramouche during Signora’s funeral, he said the puppet’s divine powers cannot be rationally understood and that the Balladeer will “make his next move” after conquering the Divine Gaze.

Il Dottore Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Il Dottore, the Doctor

Even among the Fatui Harbingers, Il Dottore stands out as a particularly unfeeling psychopath. He’s a researcher who enjoys experimenting on humans, which is the reason why he was once banned from his hometown. After spending some time at the Sumeru Akademiya, Pierro discovered his talents and invited him to become part of the Fatui Harbingers.

It seems that the Doctor’s main power is to turn humans into obedient monsters. As is to be expected, he doesn’t care too much about workplace safety; by abandoning his research facility in Liyue, he’s responsible for the large number of Ruin Guards in the area.

Pierro Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Pierro, the Jester

Pierro is the very first Fatui Harbinger and the one responsible for recruiting La Signora, Scaramouche, Il Dottore, and Pantalone. It’s also believed that Pierro was the mastermind behind Fatui involvement in the Inazuma Vision Hunt Decree, doing everything in his power to prolong the conflict.

After La Signora’s death, Pierro refers to the current situation as a war, and states that the Fatui Harbingers will seize authority from the Gods in the name of their Tsaritsa. Not done with his speech yet, he addresses Rosalyne (Signora) directly, promising that her final resting place will be the “entirety of the Old World.”

Arlecchino Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Arlecchino, the Knave

Genshin Impact fans went a bit wild over Arlecchino, praising her cool looks and shipping her with colleague Columbina. Don’t get carried away though; this fan theory is solely based on their Fatui codenames. In the commedia dell’arte, Arlecchino and Columbina are lovers.

So far, we know that the Knave runs the Home of the Hearth orphanage in Snezhnaya. Far from a conventional orphanage, the children are raised as Fatui members and often sent abroad as spies. After Signora’s death, Arlecchino expresses her disdain for her fellow Harbingers who always have a “convenient excuse to remain in the comfort of [their] homeland.”

Columbina Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Columbina, the Damselette

During the get-together after Signora’s passing, this girly-looking Fatui Harbinger can be spotted resting against La Signora’s coffin. She looks half asleep and not particularly concerned about the Crimson Witch’s death. In fact, she seems to be smiling. Perhaps she doesn’t want to express her grief… Or perhaps there’s something terribly, terribly wrong with this “Damselette.” We don’t know much more than that yet.

Pantalone Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Pantalone, the Regrator

He may be a Fatui Harbinger, but Pantalone’s main gig is overseeing Snezhnaya’s economic affairs. Born in poverty, the Regrator has since gained an immense fortune. We don’t know if he has any special abilities besides his knack for business, though.

He calls Pulcinella’s proposal, a half-day off to mourn La Signora, “unconscionable.” And although this may sound as if he cares about his peers, his friendly smile during such a solemn gathering seems a little off, to say the least.

Il Capitano Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Il Capitano, the Captain

There’s not much to tell about Il Capitano yet. His name has hardly come up in the story and the only thing Tartaglia shares about him is that he’s a powerful warrior. After Signora’s death, he’s the one to bring up Scaramouche’s betrayal, while also stating that Signora’s loss “shall not hinder our progress.”

Il Capitano’s face is hidden by a mask… If he even has a face, that is. So mysterious.

Pulcinella Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Pulcinella, the Rooster

Pulcinella, codename The Rooster, is the mayor of Snezhnaya’s capital. He’s easily recognizable thanks to his elf ears, pointy nose, and big ol’ mustache. After Signora’s death, he announces a half-day to mourn her passing, which is critiqued by Pantalone and Arlecchino.

Sandrone Genshin Impact Fatui Harbingers

Sandrone, the Marionette

Sandrone has a passion for Automatons, to the point where she’s always accompanied by one, even during the Harbinger meeting following Signora’s death. That’s pretty much the only thing we know about her, as well.

That’s what we’ve got for now! Which Fatui Harbingers is your current favorite? Let us know in the comments!