Fans Slam Luca Bish’s Reaction To Gemma Owen Clip

Fans Slam Luca Bish’s Reaction To Gemma Owen Clip

Love Island UK viewers slam Luca Bish for his reaction to Gemma Owen chatting with Billy Brown. Fans call out his overreaction and double standards.

Love Island UK season 8 fans are slamming OG Islander Luca Bish for his reaction to a clip of partner Gemma Owen. The clip, also featuring Casa Amor boy Billy Brown, was included in the dating series’ infamous Movie Night. That challenge gives contestants the opportunity to see revealing clips of their fellow islanders from previous episodes. Watching a friendly interaction between Gemma and Billy set Luca off, to the dismay and confusion of viewers.

Luca was initially coupled up with Paige Thorne and also showed early interest in Tasha Ghouri. However, once he set his sights on Gemma, the 23-year-old refused to consider anyone else. This was most evident when Danica Bush chose to recouple with Luca. While Gemma wanted to wait for her parents’ approval before making things official, the two Islanders did declare their love for one another. However, Luca’s reaction to Movie Night and attitude towards Gemma may put both his relationship and his chances of winning in jeopardy.


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After the episode aired on Sunday, July 17th, Cosmopolitan UK rounded up a number of tweets showcasing the fan backlash to Luca’s antics. One of the most liked tweets, from author Bolu Babalola, read, “Gemma’s scene was absolutely nothing and Luca is crying throwing up sliding down the wall when he was laughing at everyone else. What a scary guy.” This was one of many tweets from Love Island UK season 8 fans blasting Luca, who has been criticized as possessive, for overreacting about the clip. Accusing Gemma of “flirty chats” with Billy, Luca said of his 19-year-old partner, “if she wants to f**king play it down to me I will f**king explode.” He also declared he “can’t be with somebody like that,” and asked producers to send a bombshell in for him. In addition to his outburst about her, the fishmonger was called out for “egging on” the boys’ bad behavior. Meanwhile, others praised the way Gemma, who told Luca “get over yourself” handled the situation.

Luca’s outburst was one of many instances where fans called out “double standards,” especially considering his complaints about girls being overdramatic. Twitter users also mentioned his encouragement of the boys’ kissing and flirting with other women. By comparison Gemma and Billy, who share mutual friends, only chatted. In one instance, Billy put his arm around the influencer, only for her to spin away. Billy initially joined the villa after Love Island UK season 8 fashionista Tasha chose him during Casa Amor. Although Andrew Le Page and Dami Hope also coupled up with other girls, Tasha and Indiyah Polack were slammed for bringing men back.

Fans have also expressed anger at nearly all male contestants. Before Movie Night, Jaques O’Neill left the villa after his behavior towards Paige. Additionally, viewers turned on Davide Sanclimenti for his rude comments. Strangely enough, infamous Love Island season 4 bad boy Adam Collard, who returned this season, appears to currently be the best of the men.

Prior to Sunday, Luca and Gemma appeared to be the only stable couple, and, perhaps the favorites to win. Fans will have to wait and see how the dramatic confrontation impacts the current season’s future. Likewise, it’s unclear where the other couples stand. Regardless, there are only two weeks left until the finale.

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Love Island UK airs daily on ITV, and is available to stream on Hulu.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK, Bolu Babalola/Twitter

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