FFXIV 6.2 Live Letter Part 2 on August 12; Here’s What We’ll See

FFXIV 6.2 Live Letter Part 2 on August 12; Here's What We'll See

Patch 6.2 “Buried Memory” is the upcoming content update for Final Fantasy XIV, and it feels like we’ve covered it all at this point. Well, there’s a whole lot more we’ve yet to see. That’s why we’re getting a second Live Letter from the Producer to cover the rest of what’s in store for FFXIV Patch 6.2. Live Letter 72 is scheduled for August 12 at 4:00 a.m. PT / 7:00 a.m. ET, so us North Americans got to get up bright and early again. You can watch the stream on the official FFXIV Twitch or YouTube channel.

This is usually the case with a major patch update, but 6.2 is especially ambitious with brand new content types like Island Sanctuary and Variant/Criterion Dungeons (coming in 6.25). We covered the last Live Letter exhaustively, so be sure to read up on everything we know about FFXIV 6.2 if you need to catch up. Here, we’ll go through some of the things we expect to see during the Live Letter 72 and what we know so far.

What We Expect to See from Live Letter 72

Live Gameplay of Island Sacntuary

Island Sanctuary is arguably the most exciting piece of brand-new content coming to FFXIV. The Harvest Moon-like vibe seems intriguing and a great fit for FFXIV‘s vibe. You’ll be cultivating the land, raising animals, crafting items, and exploring on a huge island of your own. The last Live Letter touched on many of these details, but we expect director and producer Naoki Yoshida to give a gameplay demonstration on stream. (Read all about what we know so far about Island Sanctuary.)

ffxiv live letter patch 6.2 island sanctuaryLook at the size of that Roegadyn.

Teaser Walkthrough of  Abyssos

The next set of raids in the Pandaemonium series, Abyssos, takes center stage for FFXIV 6.2 as it’s the subject of the patch’s key art (which revealed that Ancient Lahabrea was a zaddy). We’ll go further into the depths of Lahabrea’s wild dungeon in the dark parts of Elpis. Yoshida always gives teaser walkthroughs of an arena or the instanced zone for raids in Live Letters, we’ll probably get that again here.

More Job Changes

While Yoshida already said that big changes to Dragoon and Astrologian have been postponed, there will still be tweaks and adjustments to FFXIV‘s various Jobs. He stated that the exact details of those changes will be outlined in a written post, but we’ll likely get more details on what they’ll consist of during the Live Letter. (Read up on the latest FFXIV Job changes from Patch 6.18.)

Screenshots of New Gear Pieces

If there’s one thing Yoshida loves doing during Live Letters, it’s holding print-outs of new gear and glamour up to the camera for all to see. With a new wave of raids and crafting recipes, it’s a guarantee that we’re getting new gear to work towards, and we’d bet on seeing what they look like during the stream.

New PVP rewards for Series 2

Continuing on the gear train, a new Series of PVP starts when Patch 6.2 goes live. Series 2 will reset Series level and EXP, and it’ll feature a new progression track with new rewards to work for. We’d bet on seeing previews for what the big rewards are, following up on the menacing Archfiend Attire from Series 1. (Read up on what we know so far about FFXIV PVP Series 2.)

Details on Critical Hit and Direct Hit Changes

This was a bit of surprise from the last Live Letter, but Yoshida revealed that the team is reworking how the Critical Hit and Direct Hit stats work. Although it won’t necessarily affect how we play the game, it’ll likely shake up optimal Materia melding for best-in-slot endgame gear for highly skilled players. Yoshida already confirmed that this will be detailed in the upcoming Live Letter.

Gameplay Demo of Sil’dihn Subterrane

This might be a stretch given that it’s set to release with Patch 6.25, but we could get an in-game look at the Variant/Criterion Dungeon. It’s a brand-new type of content that features variable difficulty, multiple paths, and story content with other NPCs. There are higher-difficulty versions and even a Savage version where the traditional rules of combat get mixed up. The various features of Variant/Criterion Dungeons were outline in the previous Live Letter, but it’d be sweet to see what it actually looks like. (Read up on everything we know about Variant and Criterion Dungeons.)

New Trials will be a Secret Until Release

While Patch 6.2 contains two new eight-player Trials (one being an Extreme version), Yoshida said we won’t be seeing it until release. If they’re trying to keep it under wraps, then it’s all the more intriguing.

More on FFXIV 6.2

As we said at the top, this upcoming patch is going to be huge and we have a ton of it already covered. Be sure to catch up on everything else we know about FFXIV 6.2, including the next wave of relic weapons via Hildibrand Manderville, the next Tribal Quest series with the Omicron, and the expansion of our glamour dressers.