FFXIV A Realm Reborn Dungeon Guide: Sastasha

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Dungeon Guide: Sastasha

Under the waves of La Noscea lie a series of hidden caverns. Within, you’ll find a cadre of pirates causing trouble for Limsa Lominsa, led by Captain Madison of the Serpent Reavers. Behind the Reavers is a larger threat, the Sahagin, a tribe of water-dwellers preparing for war against those on the surface.

Welcome, sprouts and those unlucky few in Duty Finder! This is Sastasha, the very first dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a level 15 duty unlocked as part of the main scenario quest “It’s Probably Pirates.” Don’t worry, though, as this dungeon is merely here to get your feet wet in regards to dungeoneering.

FFXIv Sastasha Coral Patterns

First Mob Pulls – Sastasha Seagrot

One thing Sastasha will teach you early on is that you don’t have to fight every enemy in your path. Doing so will usually open up access to additional treasure chests, but that’s not a huge concern early in the leveling process.

You’ll first run into two groups of Black Bats. In between the first and second groups, you’ll find a small cave to the south. In there, you’ll find a Bloody Memo that says one of three things:

“The Capten lykes his sees Bloo.”
“The Capten lykes his wyne Redd.”
“The Capten lykes his kebbage Green.”

Remember which color the note pertains to, as this will be important in a few minutes. From here, the main path is down the northwest forks. You’ll run into a group of Black Bats with a Cave Aurelia and then another group with two Cave Aurelias. Neither of these groups are particularly hard — have your tank pick them up and burn them down.

The dungeon will open up a bit when you reach the Cattery. This area has more branching paths, but again, you don’t need to follow them. Along the main path, you’ll find Cave Aurelias, Shade Seekers, Giant Clams, Fossilshells, and a Sastasha Orobon. The Shade Seekers are high in number but die relatively quickly, so use AoE attacks. The Giant Clam has a closed state that makes it invulnerable, so wait until it’s open to attack. Every other enemy is straightforward, with no major attacks.

The final area here has three different coral formations: Red, Blue, and Green. Based on the message from the Bloody Memo earlier, activate the corresponding coral formation to bring up an Inconspicuous Switch. Activating the wrong one will poison you and spawn a Cave Aurelia. When you interact with the switch, the boss will spawn.

FFXIV Sastasha Chopper

First Boss: Chopper

This is a boss in that it’s the capper for this section of the dungeon, not that it’s particularly hard. The tank should pick this beast up and face it away from the group. Chopper only has one attack.

Charged Whisker: A conal AoE that inflicts Paralysis on anyone it hits.

This will come at specific intervals of the boss’ health bar: 70%, 40%, and 20%. Otherwise, Chopper will simply auto-attack. Once you’ve faced it down, interact with the switch again to open the door to the next region.

Second Mob Pulls – Dead Man’s Drink

Here, you’ll face off against the Serpent Reavers themselves. Most of the humanoid mobs are one-to-one recreations of player classes, with the names letting you know which class you’re facing. They only use basic weaponskills, so don’t worry.

The first pull here is a Shallowclaw Reaver (Pugilist) and two Scurvy Dogs. Easy stuff. The next room has the boss, Captain Madison, but the fight will happen multiple times. When you fight Captain Madison, he is joined by two Shallowtail Reavers (Marauder). They all attack with basic skills and Madison will flee the fight at 50% health. Open your treasure chest and then chase him down the tunnel.

You’ll come to a larger room, where you once again don’t need to fight everyone. Hug the southern wall to avoid some additional enemies. The first pull here is a trio, with a Shallowtail Reaver, Shalloweye Reaver (Archer), and Shallowscale Reaver (Gladiator). Then you’ll run into a Shallowscale Reaver and Scurvy Dog. Kill them and toward the south, you’ll find a door to the Captain’s Quarters (X: 9.3, Y: 14.6) guarded by two Shallowtail Reavers. One of them will drop the Captain’s Quarters Key. Inside the quarters, you’ll face a single Shallowtail Reaver, who will drop a Waverider Gate Key when killed.

Head out of the quarters and hook west to fight two Shallowtail Reavers guarding the Waverider Gate. Open the door and follow the tunnel to your second fight with Captain Madison and two Shallowtail Reavers. Second refrain, same as the first. At 50% health, Madison will open a door to the southeast with four Scurvy Dogs. At 20% health, he’ll flee the fight once again.

Third Mob Pulls – Mistbeard Cove

For the final time, you’ll find yourself in a larger cove space full of pirates. The first group is composed of two Shallowtail Reavers and a Scurvy Dog. Hug the southern wall again and face off against a Shalloweye Racer, Shallowscale Reaver, and Shallowclaw Reaver. Finally, the last pack before the boss door consists of three Shallowscale Reavers.

FFXIV Sastasha Denn

Second Boss: Denn the Orcatoothed

The Sahagin chieftain dispatches Captain Madison and prepares to fight you as the final boss of the dungeon. The boss arena is roughly square in shape, and you’ll find that there are several grates marked as Unnatural Ripples. Keep those in mind.

Hydroball: A conal AoE attack.
True Thrust: A single-target attack on the target with the highest enmity, which should be your tank.
Jumping Thrust: A similar attack as True Thrust.

Eventually, you’ll get a message saying “Bubbles begin forming on the water’s surface.” This should appear when the boss is at 80%, 60%, and 40% health. When this happens, some of the grates will activate with a bubbling animation — you can click on them to disable this process. If you don’t, each untouched grate will spawn a Baleen Guard. They don’t have a ton of health, so you can actually just let them spawn, focus on the boss, and kill them with AoEs. With a Duty Support AI party, you’ll probably get two spawns, while most player groups will only get one.

And that’s it! Your first dungeon is down. You have begun your illustrious journey to rid the world of anything that harms the peace. Is the beginning of your growing power for good or ill? We’ll see in the future, won’t we? If you need help with the next FFXIV dungeon, we’ve got you covered here at The Linkshell.