FFXIV Fashion Report: Easy 80 Points This Week

FFXIV is right on the cusp of its Patch 6.1 and the Fashion Report is still going strong. With more players sure to jump in on the new update, it’s as good a time as any to collect MGP and show off with exclusive items from the Gold Saucer. And the Fashion Report of the week, with its basic 80 points threshold, is still pretty much the most efficient way to farm that currency.

The “easy 80” — the Fashion Report score that provides the maximum reward for minimal effort — isn’t too bad this week. There aren’t a ton of good options for what to wear, unfortunately, but the ones you need are extremely cheap and easy to acquire. It just requires about 300 Gil and a few minutes of your life. Let’s take a look!

Special thanks to the unstoppable Kaiyoko Star (r/kaiyoko). While we try to provide extra context on how and where to acquire specific items, Kaiyoko has collated so much of this Fashion Report data on the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit every week for years.

FFXIV Fashion Report Scoring – The Basics

FFXIV fashion is such an important aspect of the game, after all. That part of why developer Square Enix introduced the FFXIV Fashion Report. This weekly challenge lets players play dress-up for fabulous prizes. The challenge specifically awards massive amounts of MGP (a special currency used in the Manderville Gold Saucer) that can be exchanged for prizes like exclusive mounts. You just need to earn the ever-elusive 80 points in the Fashion Report by wearing the correct clothing every weekend. While the score technically goes up to 100, the 80-point requirement is what you need to receive the maximum number of MGP each event.

As always, you want to have at least a random piece of gear equipped to every slot on your character (not including the off-hand slot for secondary weapons, tools, and shields). This will earn you a minimum of 68 Fashion Report points for no work at all! It also doesn’t include Soul Crystals, so don’t worry about whatever Job you have equipped. You’re included, too, crafters and gatherers.

From there, you can increase your score by matching the categories laid out by the Fashion Report judge, as well as adding certain dyes. Matching the correct category of clothing to the weekly theme is worth anywhere from 6-10 points. The correct color of dye (e.g. grey, white, black, etc.) is worth one bonus point per slot, while finding the right shade of dye within those colors (e.g. Ice Blue, Chocolate Brown, etc.) is worth a total of two points per slot.

Using dye to boost your Fashion Report score is typically easier than matching every category of item perfectly. That’s because most dyes are awfully cheap and accessible, while many pieces of clothing are expensive — or at least require high ranks in crafting Jobs to create. That’s not always the case, of course, since some dyes are only available for special currencies or with real money from the Mog Station. There are always exceptions that prove the rule.

If you haven’t yet unlocked the Fashion Report, you must first complete the quest “Passion for Fashion” in the Wonder Square district of the Manderville Gold Saucer. This unlocks at Level 15. After that point, the fashion theme will update every week on Tuesdays at 12 a.m. Pacific, 3 a.m. Eastern. The named themes for each piece are repeatable — meaning the clothing required for particular gear themes are preset and may rotate in again later. It’s sometimes beneficial to hold on to old fashion fodder for this purpose. Finally, you can submit yourself for judging on Fridays at 12 a.m. Pacific, 3 a.m. Eastern. Judging closes again on the following Tuesday at midnight (when the theme resets).

fashion report ffxiv bone ring

FFXIV Fashion Report: Easy 80 Points for the Weekend of April 1, 2022

It’s another extremely easy week in the FFXIV Fashion Report game! Last week, you just needed two pieces of very cheap equipment found in all three of the major starting cities. This week, you just need one. Though you will need to add two pots of Orchard Brown Dye to get the easy 80. These, two, are basic dye types found in every major city for a pittance. Let’s take a look at all the options first!

The Wild Side (Head) – Gaganaskin Hat of Aiming
Go West (Torso) – New World Jacket
Hands – N/A
Mountain Bred (Legs) – Kudzu Culottes of Crafting or Gathering, Best Man’s Slacks, Nomad’s Breeches of [ANYTHING]
Feet – N/A
Earrings – N/A
Necklace – N/A
Wrists – N/A
A “Bone” to Pick (Rings) – Bone Ring, Coral Ring, Horn Ring, Griffin Talon Ring of [ANYTHING], Muudhorn Ring of [ANYTHING], Yeti Fang Ring of [ANYTHING]

The New World Jacket and many of the leg options here require you to spend tens of thousands of Gil on the market board or to vendors. The Nomad’s Breeches drop from Bardam’s Mettle, a Level 65 dungeon, and are thus random. We try to avoid those whenever possible for time consumption reasons. This leaves the rings. Thankfully, that’s the only item you need out of this entire batch this time. You can also buy two of the relevant options from Independent Jewelers in the capital cities. We recommend Sorcha, who is found in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.5 Y:11.4), as she’s right next to the Aetheryte when you port into the area.

Seeing as the Bone Ring is the cheapest of the bunch — and is available to wear as low as Level 9 on all classes — it’s also the obvious choice. As mentioned above, though, you also need at least two pots of dye. There are only two color options to work with this week: green and brown. Orchard Brown is available for 40 Gil per pot from any Dyemonger. Whereas Celeste Green must either be crafted or collected by other means. Orchard Brown it is, then, for the four extra points.

Weapon – Celeste Green (Crafting)
Head – Orchard Brown (Dyemongers)
Body – Orchard Brown (Dyemongers)
Gloves – Orchard Brown (Dyemongers)
Legs – Orchard Brown (Dyemongers)
Feet – Orchard Brown (Dyemongers)

ffxiv dyemonger

FFXIV Fashion Report Tips for This Week

As mentioned above, this is another incredibly easy (and cheap) week for the FF14 Fashion Report. There’s not much to say that isn’t explained by the purchase options. So we’ll give you some basic coordinates for where to find the relevant NPCs instead.

Dyemonger locations include:

Alaric – Old Gridania (X: 14.3, Y: 8.8)
Nanabe – Ul’dah, Steps of Thal (X: 14.2, Y: 11.0)
Unsynrael – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 6.0, Y: 12.3)
Frine – Ishgard, The Pillars (X: 6.0, Y: 9.9)
Tokohana – Hingashi, Kugane (X: 12.9, Y: 12.2)

As is always the case, you must first complete the quest “Color Your World” to apply dye in FFXIV. You can start it at level 15 as any class by speaking to Swyrgeim in Western Thanalan (X: 12.6 Y: 14.3). Even if you can hit the 80 points this week without dyes, it’s well worth doing for future FF14 Fashion Report checks. You’ll even get a couple of free dyes to kick things off! These are normal Dyemonger dyes. As such, they will often work for the FFXIV Fashion Report in future weeks. Just like this one.

And there you have it! This should put you on the right path for the FFXIV Fashion Report this week. Be sure to check in next Friday for another update, and instructions on how to farm your ~80,000 MGP. Until then, good luck and have fun out there, adventurers!