Final Fantasy XIV Will Hold Housing Lottery for Land in Empyreum

Final Fantasy XIV Will Hold Housing Lottery for Land in Empyreum

Final Fantasy XIV developer and publisher Square Enix has announced that it will implement a new housing lottery system for the Empyreum.

A lottery will be held in Final Fantasy XIV for housing plots in the Empyreum, according to a new announcement by the game’s developer and publisher Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIV exploded in popularity late last year with the release of its Endwalker expansion. The exponential growth of the MMORPG even led Square Enix to make the game unavailable for purchase and suspend its relatively generous free trial. Thankfully, the game was made available again in January and FFXIV’s free trial also resumed last month.

Square Enix also implemented other measures during the several months that the game faced severe server congestion issues since the launch of the Endwalker expansion. Some of these include the addition of more data centers and servers, providing free game time for existing players as compensation, limiting the number of people who can move between certain zones at a time, and suspending certain features such as the character renaming service. The company also suspended the game’s housing demolition feature, which automatically deletes a player’s home and puts the respective plot of land up for sale if the player fails to log in after a long period of time. However, Square Enix recently resumed FFXIV’s housing demolition, so players will need to make sure to log in to prevent losing their houses.


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In a new blog post, Square Enix revealed that land in Final Fantasy XIV’s Empyreum, Ishgard’s residential district, will be available for purchase when the game’s Patch 6.1 launches and that buying land from the area will require joining the new housing lottery system. Players will have to submit a lottery entry for their desired plot of land during an announced time period. One winner will then be chosen at random who will then be able to purchase the plot. Each lottery will last a total of nine days, with five given to the entry period and four for the results and purchasing of the plot. A new lottery cycle will then begin the day after.

The new housing lottery system is just one of the new features Square Enix is introducing in Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.1 update. The first major content patch for the Endwalker expansion, Patch 6.1 will introduce the previously announced major MSQ rework for A Realm Reborn, a new PvP mode, the Ultima’s Bane Unreal Trial, the first part of the new Alliance raid Myths of the Realm, and a whole lot more.

The implementation of the housing lottery system makes purchasing a plot of land in the game somewhat more accessible as each player will get an equal chance to purchase it. With the new system, players will no longer need to rush to be the first to purchase a plot that’s become available. Still, players will have to hope that luck is smiling on them if they want to get their desired plot of land in Empyreum.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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