Fortnite: How to Block the Pipes to Build Pressure

Fortnite: How to Block the Pipes to Build Pressure

Part 5 of Fortnite’s Vibin’ questline has introduced a new challenge for players to block pipes at Shuffled Shrines. Here’s how to find them.

One of the new challenges in Part 5 of Fortnite’s Vibin’ questline involves blocking pipes at Shuffled Shrines in order for the player to collect a special quest item. Fortnite has plenty of challenges for players looking to work their way through the latest iteration of the Fortnite Battle Pass, with XP readily available for those willing to complete some truly wacky objectives. With dozens of objectives and a multi-part structure, the Vibin’ questline should be a priority for anyone struggling to gain enough levels and Battle Stars to unlock Fortnite’s coveted Darth Vader skin and cosmetics.


Anyone who’s done some of the Vibin’ challenges will already be aware that the Vibin’ questline challenges unlock one after another; the player is required to complete one objective before they can access the next. In addition, players will find that they can only begin to block the pipes once they’ve completed Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Vibin’ questline, as well as the first five objectives of the newly released Part 5. All in all, this amounts to a total of 44 objectives for the player to complete across the Fortnite island, a lengthy endeavor for any player who’s not engaged with Vibin’ until now. However, given the considerable XP rewards, it’s arguably worth doing, particularly for premium Battle Pass owners.

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Earlier objectives task the player with doing many different things, including finding the Sith Holocron in Fortnite and defeating Darth Vader. However, players who rush off in search of pipes without doing all of the previous challenges won’t be able to find anything, as interactable pipes won’t appear until the player has completed the rest of the quests. However, once they have, they should track the relevant challenge in their quest menu and head for Shuffled Shrines.

How To Block Pipes At Shuffled Shrines In Fortnite

Fortnite Vibin' Blocked Pipes At Shuffled Shrines Quest

Shuffled Shrines is a key location for Part 5 of the Vibin’ questline, with the player required to return there several times to collect Reality Shard quest items. Players looking to land there should be aware that Shuffled Shrines is fairly difficult to navigate through and is relatively popular at the moment, with several Indiana Jones-related Fortnite challenges giving many players a good reason to pay the place a visit. Of course, landing nearby to stay clear of early-game firefights is a good strategy, but seasoned Fortnite players might also like to avail themselves of the quality loot and equipment that can be found there.

Once at Shuffled Shrines, the player should head towards their objective markers, where they can find a total of three pipes in a semi-flooded area in the northwestern portion of the ruins. The player will always find them in the northwest part of the ruins, but the exact placement of the pipes can vary between players. Despite this, all three pipes will always be found in very close proximity to one another, unlike the Zero Point Scanning Devices of previous Vibin’ challenges. Interacting with these pipes will block them, allowing the player to complete the challenge and earn 7,000 XP.

Once this is done, the player should stick around in Shuffled Shrines a bit longer as the next objective involves doing the exact opposite and unclogging the main pipe. This, in turn, allows the player to collect another Relic Shard, which rewards the player with an additional 7,000 XP for relatively little effort.

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Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Android.

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