Fortnite Zero Build Is a New Mode For All Non-Aspiring Architects

Fortnite Zero Build Is a New Mode For All Non-Aspiring Architects

Fortnite Zero Build is a new mode available starting today, offering battle royale with no building as a separate option. The first few days of Chapter 3 Season 2 removed the ability to build across the whole, but it has now been restored. That being said, if you enjoyed the option of not having to deal with aspiring architects in every match who would build massive fortresses in a manner of seconds, Zero Build offers just that.

Kicking off on March 29 at 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET, Fortnite Zero Build is available in the Discover page (using the “change” button above “play!” in the lobby) as Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads playlists. The mode isn’t a huge reinvention if you’ve been playing since the new season launch, but if you haven’t, there is quite a bit to catch up with.

Once again the battle royale map has shifted locations around, including some IO populated areas where you’re more likely to encounter hostile NPCs. Alongside new points of interest to explore as well as weapons and items, from IO Airships to Siege Cannons, there is now an array of traversal options available.

Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced the ability to slide on the floor, but Season 2 elevates that a notch with both sprinting and mantling. I wasn’t a big fan of mantling when I first reported on the absurd amount of accumulative seconds that players had already sprinted days after release, but it has grown on me since. Incidentally, many of the structures already in place (whether they are fences, shorter gates, or rooftop ledges to name a few examples) are more than fit for this parkour-lite mechanic. At times, if the structure is a bit taller but still in reach, your character is going to use one foot against the wall to jump over, which is a great feature.

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All of these movement options pair along perfectly with the Overshield, which adds a protective layer on top of your usual shield bar. But aside from this, the core of Fortnite Zero Build remains the same, even if not being able to build changes the experience quite drastically. If you ask me, I’ll be happy to jump into this mode more often than not, but my hope is that there are enough people on the same boat as I am a few weeks from now.