Frankie Actor Had No Idea The Show Was So Popular On Netflix

Frankie Actor Had No Idea The Show Was So Popular On Netflix

Exclusive: Community’s Frankie Dart actor Paget Brewster says she had no idea the show was so popular on Netflix and is surprised by the fanbase.

Though late to joining the series, Community star Paget Brewster is frequently surprised by its fanbase and didn’t know the show is very popular on Netflix. After making a guest appearance in season 5, Brewster joined the NBC sitcom for season 6 as Frankie Dart, a consultant hired by Greendale to help improve the college and rein in the antics of the study group and Jim Rash’s Dean Pelton. Despite her initially acting as the straight foil to the group, Frankie eventually becomes another central member of the central Community characters and helps the school rise above its troubles.

Running from 2009 to 2014, Community struggled in its ratings but scored large critical acclaim through its six-season run, namely for creator Dan Harmon’s unique humor and the performances from its cast Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong and Jim Rash. After making a jump to the now-defunct Yahoo! Screen, Community came to a close and has garnered a large cult following since making its streaming debuts on Hulu and Netflix. Despite this popularity, one Community star is surprised to see the show’s staying power.


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While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant to discuss Adult Swim’s Birdgirl, Paget Brewster opened up about Community’s fanbase. The Frankie actor revealed she didn’t know the show was so popular on Netflix or that the streaming platform even had the season she starred in. See what Brewster said below:

“First of all, I didn’t know that, you’re telling me, I thought we never got Netflix numbers and we never find anything out. I just know that more people seem to be excited about Community and I see people in Greendale T-shirts at the supermarket. I had a fan draw Frankie Dart and left it for me at Meltdown Comics, the comic book shop in Hollywood. People seemed to be getting more into it, I didn’t know it was because Netflix had them all, but yeah, that’s great. And they have the Yahoo season, they have my season? Whoo, I win! [Laughs]”

Screenshot Community Frankie Season Six Finale

The final two seasons of Community frequently saw a shuffle of its central cast as Chevy Chase was infamously asked to leave the show due to on-set disagreements with Donald Glover and reported behavior problems. Glover himself would depart in season 5 due to focusing on other projects and Yvette Nicole Brown left to care for her ailing father, which would lead to the introductions of Brewster’s Frankie in season 6 as well as Jonathan Banks’ Buzz Hickey and Keith David’s Elroy Patashnik. Though Glover and Chevy’s absences were felt by some fans, many looked favorably upon Brewster’s addition to the group in Community season 6, enjoying seeing Frankie’s evolution from the straight character to embracing the goofier nature of the show.

Since its finale, Community has enjoyed a variety of streaming homes, though Netflix has proven to be its most popular platform after its addition in 2020, where it would land in the platform’s Top 10 within weeks of its premiere and has remained one of its most popular titles since. With the renewed popularity, many fans of the series have remained hopeful that the long-discussed Community movie will finally get off the ground, with Joel McHale recently confirming the Netflix popularity has helped studios find new interest in producing the film. While audiences await further word on the potential movie, they can revisit Brewster’s tenure in Community with all six seasons streaming on Netflix.

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