Green Lantern’s Marvel Crossover Proves the DC Universe Doesn’t Exist

Green Lantern's Marvel Crossover Proves the DC Universe Doesn't Exist

Marvel references DC’s Green Lantern as a psychiatric patient in The Incredible Hulk #426, suggesting that the DC Universe is a delusion.

Comic fans love Marvel and DC crossovers, but one of the weirdest was an unofficial one between Green Lantern and Hulk. While both characters are known for being stubborn and green, it may not seem like they have much else in common. In this comic, Marvel suggests that the entire DC Universe is simply an illusion.

After Mongul and Cyborg Superman destroy Coast City, killing its entire population, Hal Jordan is devastated. This leads him down the dark path towards becoming Parallax, a supervillain hellbent on spreading fear and destruction. Stricken by grief, Hal loses control, killing everyone in the Green Lantern Corps and absorbing the Power Battery on Oa. There, he also absorbs Parallax and is taken over by the yellow impurity. Marvel takes a jab at Hal’s instability in this storyline by introducing an alternate version of Jordan as a side character in The Incredible Hulk.


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In The Incredible Hulk #426, written by Peter David with art by Liam Sharp and Robin Riggs, Bruce Banner is being kept in a psychiatric hospital. When a rampaging Banner attempts to break free and find Betty, he crashes into another patient, referred to as ‘Mr. J’. This man bears a striking resemblance to DC’s Hal Jordan and wears a green two-piece suit. Mr. J claims to be holding reality together through sheer willpower and closes his fist the way Hal Jordan does when using his Power Ring. Mr. J calmly tells Doc Samson that Bruce couldn’t have harmed him as ‘[his] power ring protects [him] from mortal harm.’

Hal Jordan appears in The Incredible Hulk as a psychiatric patient

While this appearance was likely a parody of Hal’s Parallax story, it also suggests that, perhaps, this is the ‘real’ Hal Jordan. Even here, his willpower is strong—though the use of willing himself to believe in a fake reality is questionable. It works well as a subtle dig at the wavering sanity of Hal Jordan, a fan-favorite character of Marvel’s oldest rival. In the past, DC fans have theorized that Batman’s adventures are all in the head of a mentally ill Bruce Wayne locked up in Arkham Asylum. With this representation of Jordan, there’s a possibility that the entire DC Universe could just be the delusions of a rambling man in green. When considering the implications of all of DC existing only in Mr. J’s head, it gets quite dark. All the multiversal wars, the losses and triumphs of the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps, and the destruction of Coast City make up a heavy burden for one man to carry. Perhaps, they are fragments formed by past trauma experienced by Mr. J, imagining himself as a superhero to create an illusion of control in his life.

Is the Marvel Universe the one ‘true’ superhero universe? It could be possible that somewhere, Green Lantern only exists in the mind of an unwell man.

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