Grounded Gets Animated TV Adaptation From Star Wars Clone Wars Writer

Grounded Gets Animated TV Adaptation From Star Wars Clone Wars Writer

Xbox and Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded is the next video game to get its own TV series. According to a Deadline report, the Grounded adaptation is penned by Star Wars: Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman and shares a universe with the game.

Instead of joining a sea of live-action interpretations, the Grounded TV series will take its Honey I Shrunk The Kids and A Bug’s Life inspirations the animated route. Obsidian and Xbox have partnered with Bardel Entertainment, Waterproof Studios, and Kinetic Media for the project.

In Grounded, up to four ant-sized friends can take on the dangers of a suburban backyard, dodging giant insects and navigating a world of ’90s nostalgia. The co-op survival adventure launched almost two years ago and remains in the Xbox Game Preview program until it hits Version 1.0.

Friedman, who also has credits on Call of Duty and an Earth Worm Jim TV series, is accompanied by Halo cinematic director Brien Goodrich. Their animated series will focus on a group of four high school-aged friends who wind up shrunken down and tackling the same obstacles from the Grounded game. The show summary also mentions its cast going toe-to-toe with a corporate conspiracy.

The Grounded TV series features talent from Star Wars Clone Wars and Halo.

Among all of the games to make the jump into TV or film formats, perhaps the Grounded universe has a better shot, given its setting and no real mountains of lore. The Xbox survival game joins a long list of other series getting the same treatment, including the publisher’s golden child, Halo.

While I’m not one to shun the leap between mediums, Grounded‘s choice in the animation route and Clone Wars talent makes me a little less pessimistic. While HBO’s The Last of Us has me a little hopeful after casting The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal, I’m a little less hopeful about an Amazon take on Mass Effect or its grab at Sony Santa Monica’s God of War. Of course, a bad video game movie or show never takes away from a beloved original, but man, the sting of wasted opportunity is a bummer.

Regardless, there’s no date on the Grounded TV debut just yet, but the game makes its leap into Version 1.0 on Xbox and PC this September.