Harry Potter: The 10 Richest Muggles

Harry Potter: The 10 Richest Muggles

The premiere of The Secrets of Dumbledore is fast approaching on April 15th. The Secrets of Dumbledore takes place several years after the last film and is likely to answer some questions and see more characters taking sides. For example, Queenie could reappear in Jacob’s life after joining Grindelwald’s army. There is even a possibility of Jacob’s bakery and its success.

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While powerful wizards steal the show, muggles like Jacob play a crucial role in the story. Even with muggles not having access to the world-changing magic, muggles have power in the form of wealth. This wealth can set them apart and affect their roles in the wizarding world.

10 Frank Bryce

Frank Bryce was one of the bravest characters in Harry Potter but he is not the most wealthy of characters, and this can be seen through his servitude to the Riddle family and the wealthy man who buys the estate after they pass. From what is known about Frank, he seemed always to have little money. From being born and raised in a town owned by his future employers to finishing his service in the Second World war and swiftly returning home. Before his death, he was paid to work as the gardener for the empty estate, still living his life in service to others. This life of working for others shows that he was content with his wealth and how he lived his life.

9 Jacob Kowalski

Jacob Kowalski was a hard worker in the cannery, but it was shown early on that he always wanted to be a baker. However, in his attempt to gain a loan, there was no collateral that Jacob could offer up to the bank in order to secure this loan. He didn’t own a home, a car, or anything of “substantial value” for the bank to claim if his business failed. Through this series of events, it can be assumed that his pay from the cannery does not offer the ability to save up money for his dream either. Jacob’s finances held him back when he felt like he most needed the change. He wanted a different life for himself; the vision of the bakery was something to add value to his life and not solely through potential monetary gain.


8 Tobias Snape

Through Severus Snape’s memories of his father, it can be seen that Tobias Snape was not necessarily the wealthiest of men. Tobias lived with his family in the same working-class neighborhood as the Evans. He worked for what he had and to support his wife and child, albeit reluctantly. Nevertheless, he could afford his home and whatever he needed to in order to support his wife and child, which shows he had some form of muggle wealth, even though it was far from considered rich. However, because the novel does not provide sufficient insight into this character’s life, it is hard to be aware of their wealth or lack thereof.

7 Mr. Roberts

Mr. Roberts is the unfortunate campsite owner who hosted the Quiddich World Cup. Roberts clearly found money and dealings with money to be very intriguing because of how he watched the wizards deal with each other and subsequently with him.

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This interest in monetary transactions and his management and ownership of a campground show he knows how to handle his money. Mr. Roberts would have had to save up money before getting the campsite property and then know how to manage it in order to make a profit, but those profits very well set him up to have a well-off life.

6 Vernon Dursley

Vernon Dursely, with a scowl and his finger raised

Something left out of the movies was Vernon being the director of a drilling company called Grunnings. It can often be assumed that he didn’t get paid very much, but he could afford to let his wife, Petunia, be a stay-at-home mom. They had a home where they had four different bedrooms, two of which they allowed Dudley to use. They could also afford to get Dudley a plethora of toys and other gifts. Basically, whatever he wanted, he ended up getting. It’s clear that he got paid well enough to live his comfortable life and give his family whatever they desired, which showed the importance of wealth in relation to his standing in society and his relationships with others like Mr. and Mrs. Mason.

5 Marjorie Dursley

Uncle Vernon and Aunt Marge at dinner in HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Marjorie Dursley was shown flaunting her wealth when she visited the Dursleys by giving Dudley lavish gifts as if she was proving the superiority of her wealth to her brother. The entire attitude of the woman, from her entitlement to her arrogance, exuded wealth. Aunt Marge bred bulldogs which she owned twelve. This business presumably allowed her to gain a substantial amount of wealth. Purebred dogs are expensive creatures, and because Marge bred them in her home, she could set her prices as high as she wanted, forcing people to pay for the pedigree that she produced.

4 Mr. and Mrs. Granger

The Grangers didn’t seem to care too much about wealth. However, they were both dentists. They only had one daughter and each other. Despite numerous life or death situations, Hermione’s parents were there (through a lot of it) as a support system. The money they each earned allowed them to provide a lovely home for Hermione Granger to grow up in and allowed them to take vacations and time off to spend together. Like the occasion where the family spent time in the Forest of Dean when Hermione was a child. The combined amount of money that Mr. and Mrs. Granger made was definitely enough to support their family. The Grangers met in their field of work and were able to raise a daughter who they were very proud of; their money only gave them the means to do it.

3 Mr. Mason

Mr. Mason is the rich builder that Vernon invites over for dinner. Through a large drill order, Mr. Mason was wealthy enough to potentially invest money in Vernon’s company. His appearance of being put together in his suit for dinner shows that he took himself and his money seriously.

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Mr. Mason also was mentioned having a taste for golf, typically associated with country clubs which generally are signs of wealth that can be spared to hobbies. Mr. Mason may not have invested in Vernon, but he definitely had the money to do it. As mentioned previously, the wealth of Mr. Mason puts him at a different standing in society than other muggles, and through his attitude seen in the films, he is very proud of that fact.

2 The Prime Minister

Credit: Leo de Wijs

The Muggle Prime Minister was one of the most powerful muggles and he definitely would be considered rich. Not only was he getting a large amount of money from his political position, but he had to have the education to back up the position. This means he most likely was supported by family when it came to education. The Prime Minister wasn’t the most involved in the Harry Potter series, but he still played an essential role in his dealings with the Ministry of Magic. Unfortunately, because of the lack of scrutiny of life, social status, and overall demeanor, the Prime Minister’s character isn’t as explored, so the use of his wealth and interest in it isn’t something that can be well known.

1 Tom Riddle Senior

Tom Riddle Senior came from vast wealth. This can be seen by looking at the lavish mansion owned by his family and the village nearby. The family and eventually Riddle himself owned most of Little Hangleton Village. Although his wealth was not fully explored in the books or the movies, Tom Riddle Senior was alluded to as having a large amount of money through their social standing, mansion, and ownership of the village they lived in. His attitude, however, was shown to be quite snobbish and rude due to his privileged upbringing and his abandoning of his son Tom Riddle. This arrogant nature makes it clear that Tom cared deeply about his wealth and the social standing (and girlfriend) that came with it. This wealth sets Tom Riddle Senior apart from most other muggles seen interacting with the wizarding world.

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