Have You Ever Felt Like Someone Was Hypnotizing You?

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On this week’s episode of Friends Reunion (a Podcast for Discerning Listeners™), John remains lost somewhere in the belly of an enormous cruise ship — almost certainly in the morgue, but not dead, crucially — just like, hangin’ out in there and looking through stuff. Meanwhile, LB and Niki decide to find out if they’re ready for the trenches of World War 1 by taking (enduring?) the Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory. It’s all in this handy transcript!

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What is the Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory, you ask? Well friend, it’s quite simply the first personality quiz ever made (by most accounts). Originally developed for the United States military, the test was “published in 1919 and … developed to screen recruits for shell shock risk but was not completed in time to be used for this purpose. It instead became widely used in psychological research and led to the development of many other personality tests. It has been described as ‘the linear ancestor of all subsequent personality inventories, schedules and questionnaires,’” according to Wikipedia.

That’s right, Buzzfeed owes its very existence to the Military Industrial Complex, if you think about it for the exact right amount of time, anyway. And hey, speaking of Buzzfeed, do you know about “vabbing?” We do now thanks to Buzzfeed, and boy howdy, lemme just recommend right now that you don’t listen to this one with your family.

Well, honestly, you probably shouldn’t listen to any episode of Friends Reunion with your family. We’re not gonna judge if you do, we definitely appreciate the download regardless, but you’d have to have a really special relationship with your parents to find out about vabbing together. Maybe your mom is a gynecologist! Maybe you’re a gynecologist. Actually hey, if you’re a gynecologist, slide into our Discord server, we’ve got some questions.

Friends Reunion Ep. 127: Queer Feelings in the Body Transcript

Transcript pending, yo! Check back in a couple days!