Have You Ever Watched an Angemon Take a Dump?

Have You Ever Watched an Angemon Take a Dump?

On this week’s episode of Channel F (the Fanbyte Video Game Game Show™), Pokemon are pushed to the proverbial periphery as we finally do our due diligence (with respect to Digimon).

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Sweet little baby Jordo (Senior Podcast Producer), who has never played a Digimon and only briefly viewed the show with disgust, steps out from behind the 1s and 2s to join devout Digimon devotees Nerium (Senior Managing Editor) and Niki Grayson (Brand Editor+) for what might be the longest single game in Channel F history, Real or Fakemon.

That’s right: Host merritt k (Managing Editor) has reclaimed the term “fakemon” from the Pokemon fandom and repurposed it for her own nefarious ends — forcing her friends and colleagues to determine which Digimon are real and which are the product of her twisted, Joker-like psyche.

Given that Niki and Nerium are both such big fans of the series, this episode is as much a Digi-discussion salon as it is a game show. Known hater Jordo even chimes in from time to time with his own relevant factoids — for instance, did you know that in Digimon World for the PlayStation, you can watch your Digimon poop? Even the humanoid ones like Angemon, Andromon, and WereGarurumon? It’s true!

(He also tells a heartbreaking story about the time his Tamagotchi died in a car accident, so just, you know, be ready for that.)

The gang also takes a few minutes at the end of the episode to discuss Dragon Ball Z, during which Niki is given the chance of a lifetime: Name Vegeta’s brother and win $100.

Channel F Ep. 171: Digi-Pet Sematary Transcript

Transcript pending, yo! Check back in a couple of days, it’ll be worth it! It’s done by a real human being!!