HEROish: Flynn Guide (Best Deck Builds & Upgrades)

HEROish: Flynn Guide (Best Deck Builds & Upgrades)

Flynn is a Tank character with low mana regeneration in HEROish, and he can use melee strikes, spells, and troop summoning to defeat his opponents.

Flynn is the first character that’s unlocked in both the campaign and multiplayer modes in HEROish. As a Tank, Flynn has a very high defense stat, as well as a large amount of health. However, this hero also has one of the lowest Mana regeneration rates and an average attack stat. In order to win matches, players will need to make sure they use troops and attacks with a relatively low Mana cost. Otherwise, Flynn’s troops may be too scarce to be effective.

Every hero has a default deck to use when players first start out, whether they’re playing the campaign or challenging friends in multiplayer mode. In the campaign, new cards are unlocked by playing the main story missions. For multiplayer mode, players will need to level up in order to unlock cards. Additionally, it doesn’t matter which hero is being used in multiplayer because the level applies to the player, not the character. At level 20, all available cards for every hero will be unlocked in multiplayer mode.


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Only 12 cards can be added to a deck, but each hero has between 39 and 45 cards to choose from. Although there are a lot of choices when building a deck, all of the cards have duplicates in HEROish. Some troops are more powerful in groups, so adding multiple iterations of the same card can be beneficial depending on the hero. For Flynn, building the best deck for the campaign will get easier as the story progresses and more cards are unlocked. However, there are a few more things to consider when building a deck in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Best Flynn Deck For Multiplayer In HEROish

HEROish Flynn Guide Best Deck Builds & Upgrades Deck Editor

The best way to ensure victory is to create a balanced deck with some variety in troops and attacks. For Flynn, the Mana cost for each card needs to remain relatively low. Using high-cost troops will likely result in having only a couple of allies on the field at a time, and it will take a lot of waiting around to accumulate the necessary Mana. Instead, Flynn can focus on creating a large army with a few smaller troops, and adding some special attacks should make it easy to win a match in HEROish. Upgrading the smaller troops first, like Pikeman and Shortbow, will make it easier to quickly become a powerful hero. Upgrades may also affect Vega because she has some of the same cards as Flynn, so leveling up the shared troops is more beneficial.

Pikeman (x2): Costs four Mana to summonBomb Cart (x1): Costs six Mana to summonCharge (x1): Costs six Mana to useGuard (x1): Costs six Mana to summonShortbow (x2): Costs six Mana to summonCleric (x1): Costs 10 Mana to summonHammer Throw (x1): Costs 10 Mana to useSorcerer (x1): Costs 10 Mana to summonGriffin Rider (x2): Costs 13 Mana to summon

There is room for some variation depending on each individual’s playstyle. For those that prefer a stronger defense, cards like Hammer Throw, Sorcerer, and Charge can be replaced with Healing Wave, Dragoon, or more Guards and Clerics. At least half of the deck should consist of troops with high attack stats, but players can try a few other cards out to create the best possible deck build. The multiplayer mode has a 1v1 AI battle option, which is great for trying out different cards for Flynn’s deck in HEROish.

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HEROish is available on iOS Apple Arcade.

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