How the New FFXIV Housing Lottery System Works, Fully Detailed Ahead of Patch 6.1

How the New FFXIV Housing Lottery System Works, Fully Detailed Ahead of Patch 6.1

One of the many new features coming to Final Fantasy XIV via Patch 6.1 is the new Ishgardian housing district called The Empyreum. It’s much-anticipated because of such high demand and limited supply of in-game player housing. And because of that, the FFXIV team is implementing new rules to the system for which players can purchase FFXIV housing. If you want to stay within close proximity of best boy Ser Aymeric de Borel, you’ll want to pay attention to these changes. Here’s how it works.

FFXIV Housing Lottery System

Once Patch 6.1 goes live (mid-April), plots of land available for purchase will be subject to a lottery system. This coincides with the launch of The Empyreum housing district in Ishgard, which will contain a total of 48 wards, 24 main wards and 24 subdivisions. (If you’re interested in getting a house in this area, be sure to complete the quest called “Ascending to Empyreum” in order to access the district.)

Players will have to take a number and hope it gets drawn in order to claim the piece of land. In order to enter the lottery, you will need to interact with a placard (for sale sign) that is in front of an available plot. You will need to pay the full amount up front for the plot in order to enter the lottery, so be sure you have the gil on hand. If you do not win the lottery, you will get your gil back.

The Warrior of Light saved the world only to be subject to a lottery system for a house. Ya hate to see it.

The housing plot lottery runs on a nine-day cycle. For the first five days, players can submit to enter the lottery for that plot. After those five days are up, the next four days is the results period where players who won the lottery must claim and finalize their purchase. Another lottery cycle will begin afterward.

ffxiv housing lottery system

If you win the lottery, you will need to interact with the placard at the entrance of the plot you purchased. If you do not do this, you will forfeit the plot and 50% of the deposit you made for the purchase. What a shame.

If you already own a plot of land elsewhere and win the lottery for a new plot, you receive approximately 15% of the value of that plot. (Note that Patch 6.1 will get rid of the price reduction system, so existing plots of land will have their initial value restored.)

If you lose the lottery, you will get 100% of your deposit back, but you will have to reclaim it within 90 days after the results period ends, otherwise you will lose that gil.

Requirements for Purchasing FFXIV Housing

There are certain requirements that players have to meet in order to be eligible to take part in the housing lottery system. This depends on the type of plot you are trying to purchase as well. Below are the requirements for individual players and players representing their Free Company.

Individual Buyer:

Have at least one class/Job at level 50.
Hold the rank of second lieutenant or higher in any of the Grand Companies.

On Behalf of Your Free Company:

The Free Company needs to be rank 6 or higher.
The Free Company needs to have four or more members.
You have authorization to purchase or relinquish land on behalf of the Free Company.
You must have been part of the Free Company for at least 30 days before entering the lottery. No gaming the system, buddy.

And of course, no brokies here — remember that you need to pay the full amount of the plot in order to enter the housing lottery.

How to Check if Housing Plots are Available

You can check which plots are available for purchase by looking the residential ward list when traveling to any particular housing district. There is an icon on the list that will indicate what’s available.

You may also check the timing and status of the housing lottery via the housing tab in-game or by interacting with the placard of an available plot.

Checking for available plots (above). Checking the status of current lottery (below).

The first major post-Endwalker update is almost here — be sure to check out our full breakdown of everything we know about FFXIV Patch 6.1. The next Live Letter is happening on Friday, April 1 (this week) and we’ll get more detail on how this update is changing the game. We’ll have it covered from all angles, and you can keep up via our Twitter where we’ll be doing live breakdowns and on The Linkshell for in-depth coverage.