How to Change Outfits in Tunic

How to Change Outfits in Tunic

The Overworld in Tunic has a secret customization room where the fox’s fur color, paw color, tunic color, and scarf color can all be changed.

The hidden customization room is one of the many secrets that can be discovered in Tunic. Inside this secret room, players are able to change the color of the fox’s fur and paws as well as the tunic and scarf. Customizing the appearance of the fox won’t change any of their stats or abilities, but it gives the player a way to personalize their hero. The changing room in Tunic will need to be found before any changes in appearance can be applied.

Unlike with most of the secrets in the game, Tunic’s instruction manual doesn’t give any hints leading to the customization room. There are also no pictures showing the fox in any of the color variations available, so the changing room needs to be found without any clues. Even some of Tunic’s more difficult puzzles, like opening the Mountain Door, are hinted at in the instruction manual. Leaving the changing room out of the booklet means there are possibly other secerts in Tunic that aren’t shown on the instruction pages.


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Customizations can be applied from the beginning of Tunic if players know where to go to change their hero. From the first fox statue save point in the Overworld, players can go west toward the Windmill Shop, then down the nearby ladder. Further west past the golden platform, there are ramps leading down to an area with a fountain and an instruction page in the center. To the right of the fountain, there’s a cluster of trees beside a curved staircase. The customization room can be accessed by running into the wall behind the trees.

How To Use The Changing Room In Tunic

How to Change Outfits in Tunic Customization Room Entrance

As soon as players enter the customization area, there will be a treasure chest containing a Gold Coin. Gold Coins are used in Tunic to add additional ability card slots to the fox’s inventory. Past the chest, the room opens up to reveal four dividers with bells in front of them and a pedestal in the center of the room. Walking behind each of the room dividers will change a different part of the hero’s appearance.

From the left side of the screen, the dividers change the fox’s paws, the fox’s fur, the tunic, and the scarf. Each one has a variety of available colors, so players can walk behind the dividers several times to see all of the options. Hitting any of the bells in front of the dividers will reset the corresponding part of the fox to the default color. For example, the bell in front of the tunic color changer will change it back to green. If players stand on the pedestal in the center of the room, the camera will zoom in on the fox so the color changes can be viewed up close.

Although the customization area is accessible from the beginning of Tunic, it’s recommended that players wait until they have a sword. There are a few enemies leading to the entrance that players can either defeat or run from, but some shoot projectiles making it harder to get past them safely. However, it is possible to reach this area without a weapon. The changing room can be revisited at any time to alter the fox’s appearance in Tunic.

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Tunic is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and PC.

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