How to Complete The Breakout

How to Complete The Breakout

Now that you’ve collected three badges, Headmaster Solange trusts you enough to help her with a special task: the breakout of Escape Academy legend Eel Barnes. Since this is your first experience with field work, you might need a little help. Here’s our guide on how to beat The Breakout, Escape Academy’s fifth level.

First, a reminder: Escape Academy is a timed game. If you’re stopping to look at this guide, make sure the game is properly paused before doing so. You can pause with the Options button on Xbox or the Esc key on PC. Also keep in mind that the inventory screen is not the pause screen, and the in game timer will continue unless you’ve correctly paused.

Understanding the Radio

Headmaster Solange can program a super computer, but for some reason the only way you can communicate with her in the field is using an old radio. Whenever she asks a question, your only way to respond will be to input numbers into the keypad and press the yellow button with the radio waves to submit it. A lot of these answers will come from the guide on the table, which you should familiarize with.

Escape Academy The Breakout: Finding the Right Deck

The first thing Headmaster Solange says is, “Academy, do you read me?” To respond “yes” type 10-4 into the radio and press the yellow button to submit.
The headmaster gets inside, but she’s quickly stopped by a turret. In order to disable it, you need to decode the rebus puzzle in the top right screen. The first number is the word BONE without the B (which you would pronounce “one”) and the second number is the letter D six times (which you would pronounce “six D,” which sounds like the number sixty). Type “160” into the radio and press the yellow button to submit.
Next, Headmaster Solange asks if there’s a computer terminal on the first deck. Turn to your left. There’s a large book there with a map of the ship. If you click the arrow in the bottom right corner of the page, you can flip to the page marked Deck 01. There’s no computer symbol on this floor, so respond with “10-10” and press the yellow button to submit.
The headmaster will respond by asking which deck the computer terminal is on. If you look at the book, you can see a computer image on Deck 02. Type the number “2” and press the yellow button to submit.

Reconnecting to the Ship

At this point, the call will disconnect, and Quanty the computer will need you to update the coordinates. If you look at the map to your right, you can see the ship’s path, marked by different time stamps.

To progress, you need to match up the pointer on the computer below the map with the point where the ship should be. The actual location will vary depending on how long you take to complete the opening, but most players will likely be around T+3:00. You can check your precise time by looking at the clock on the table to the right of the map on the wall.

Once you’ve got a rough idea of where you are, you can use the computer below the map to select your point. I find the computer map a little disorienting since it’s so zoomed in, but the easiest thing for me was to go all the way into a corner and count the grid squares to get where I want to go. For example, if you were navigating the cursor to T+3:00, go up to the top right corner, go four squares to the right, and then go three squares down. It’s generally pretty forgiving, so don’t worry about calculating a precise location or anything.

Escape Academy The Breakout Guide: Reaching Eel

When you come back, Headmaster Solange will ask if she lost you. You can choose to type 10-10 for no or 10-4 for yes: both lead to the same dialogue.
The headmaster faxes you some information. Grab it from the fax machine next to the book with the map of the ship. You’ll get three pieces of information marked Prison Data. The Headmaster wants you to use them to figure out where Eel is.
According to the Prison Data:

Eel is not on a floor with a trash compactor.
Eel’s floor has an even number of cells.
Eel is located on cell three on his floor.
Eel is on a floor between the cafeteria and the mail room.

The only floor that fits this criteria is Deck 5. Because Eel is in the third cell, return to the radio, type “503,” and press the yellow button.

Breaking Eel’s Lock

After a short cutscene, Headmaster Solange initiates Protocol Omega and asks you to analyze the key to Eel’s holding chamber. First, look at the pattern of lights in the top left monitor. In order, the colors are white, red, blue, white red. Remember that.

Turn to your right and look at the computer on the wall. If you press the arrows on the base of the terminal, you can scroll through Reference Keys and see the patterns the different colors make.

If you’re having trouble figuring it out, here’s the code:

Red goes up two notches.
White goes down one notch.
Yellow goes up one notch.
Blue goes down two notches.

Turn to the wall opposite the reference keys to see the terminal to input Eel’s code. If we follow the code for each color and apply it to the pattern of colors on the monitor, the correct graph should look like this:

Once it’s in, you’ll get a key number. Return to the radio, type in “24213” and press the yellow button to submit. Eel is free, but Quanty can’t hold the connection and the power goes out.

Escape Academy The Breakout: Restoring the Power

On the wall near the fax machine is a pair of glowing UV Flashlights. Pick one up.
The flashlight will reveal hidden text on signs around the room. They’re all instructions for the circuit breaker in the corner of the room opposite the flashlights. Here’s what they say:

Either A or L
Both R and H
Not S
Both G and C

If you’ve followed the instructions correctly, your circuit breaker should look like this:

Taking Out the Turrets

Now that the power is back on, you can see that Solange and Eel are pinned down on the top of the ship. You’ll have to hijack a turret to save them.

Look at the top left monitor. Just like the last serial number, it’s presented in the form of a rebus puzzle. The first clue is the letter S, followed by a string of even numbers (“s” + “even” makes the word “seven”) and the second clue is the word “teen” written four times, with a circle around the third one (“third teen” sounds like the word “thirteen”). By combining the answers to these two clues, you can see the answer is 713. Type it into the radio and press the yellow button to submit it.
Now, the camera will pull you over to the computer terminal to your right. Select it and use the hijacked turret to destroy the other turrets. There are three of them: you should be able to find them all relatively quickly by turning continuously to the right.

Now that you’ve cleared a path, Eel and Solange can get to Jeb’s helicopter and fly to safety. Congratulations! You helped the Escape Academy breakout its long lost member and earned the Extraction Badge.

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