How to Cure Bleeding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

How to Cure Bleeding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

It is essential for players to know how to cure Bleeding Damage in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, especially when afflicted during challenging battles.

With the new Sunbreak DLC in Monster Hunter Rise, players can once again suffer from Bleeding damage. Bleeding damage has been in several Monster Hunter titles but was absent from Monster Hunter Rise until the newest DLC. Along with bringing back Bleeding damage, Sunbreak brought back some classic monsters that caused it, such as the Flying Wyvern known as Seregios from the Monster Hunter series.

Bleeding damage in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak causes players to take extra damage. When afflicted, players will slowly lose health depending on their activity; they can lose health when moving, attacking, or dodging. While this mechanic is not new to the Monster Hunter franchise, what was added to Sunbreak is the ability to inflict Bleeding damage on monsters. Like with hunters, monsters will take damage every time they move or attack players. However, monsters will not suffer Bleeding damage for long, while players must find ways to cure themselves before losing too much health. Finding a cure is necessary when fighting difficult bosses, like the newly released Elder Dragon Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, who can also inflict Bleeding damage.


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Although Bleeding can inflict more damage, players can cure themselves. The ability to cure different Blights is an important element in hunting monsters in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Along with Bleeding damage, or Bloodblight, players can be afflicted with Fireblight, Iceblight, and Waterblight. While those Blights can be cured with Nulberrys, Bleeding damage requires different tactics to cure.

How to Cure Bleeding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bleeding Bloodblight Cure Well Done Steak

There are two ways to cure Bleeding in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. One is through movement, and the other is through cooking a Well Done Steak. While Bleeding is not new to Monster Hunter, it is also not exclusive to this franchise; Bloodborne’s Bloodblight mechanic is similar.

Crouch and stand still – this method allows players to cure themselves of Bleeding damage if they came to battle a monster unprepared. Bleeding afflicts players when they move, attack, or dodge, so crouching and staying still negates that damage buff. It takes approximately five to ten seconds to stay still to cure Bleeding, which can be difficult when fighting a particularly difficult boss or one with strong melee attacks. However, this is the quickest way to cure Bleeding if players do not have another available cure.Eat a Well Done Steak. This curing method cannot be done on the battlefield, so it requires players to craft ahead of time. Since not all monsters can cause Bleeding damage, it’s not an item players need to keep on them at all times. To cook a Well Done Steak, players need to find Raw Meat. This can be collected from many monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, such as the Izuchi, a type of Wyvern that can be found at the Shrine. From the menu, select the BBQ Spit, and cook the meat. This takes time, and players will not be able to do it on the battlefield. In addition to using Well Done Steaks to cure Bleeding damage, a Well Done Steak is also a quest item for Fugen the Elder in Kamura Village.

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Monster Hunter Rise is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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