How To Get Lightweight Lumber In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

How To Get Lightweight Lumber In Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

To build and upgrade specific shops in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, adventurers will need to collect a mid-tier resource known as Lightweight Lumber.

Lightweight Lumber is a building resource in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising used to construct and upgrade shops in Outlander Lane, such as the Tavern or Weapon Shop. Outlander Lane is the first street of the shopping district in the hub area that becomes accessible once players have begun “The Cost of Good Manners,” the fifth main story quest. The quest starts with Isha tasking CJ with Sarita and Rajiv, two RPG side characters that serve as the town’s first merchants.

Sarita, in particular, will ask the protagonist in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising to retrieve Lightweight Lumber from the Great Forest outside town. To find this quest item, players must head to the forest combat area and travel to the right. Then, continue through the following cavern area, taking the upper-level route after reaching the signpost checkpoint. Eventually, CJ will encounter a black, greatsword-wielding lizard. This will be the first elite enemy that fans will face and punish players who have yet to master CJ’s dash-dodge ability. To defeat the lizard, wait until it slowly raises its blade and dash behind it to deal damage.


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Once the elite JRPG enemy has been slain, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising will discover an object on the forest floor nearby, sparkling with bright purple particle effects. Pick it up to receive Lightweight Lumber, the required quest item for Sarita. Players can also find a Heavy Stone for Rajiv slightly to the right in the area. Finally, return to the quest givers in Outlander Lane to complete “The Cost of Good Manners.”

Farming Lightweight Lumber In Eiyuden Rising

Farming Lightweight Lumber In Eiyuden Rising

As mentioned above, “The Cost of Good Manners” quest is not the only time players will need to collect Lightweight Lumber in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. For example, to upgrade the Tavern during the Shop Quest “Culinary Expansion,” Sarita will request that CJ and her party bring her 3 Lightweight Lumber for new cooking equipment. Likewise, Bertrand, the owner of the Weapon Shop, will also need 3 Lightweight Lumber during “Where to Display my Wares?”

To get Lightweight Lumber in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising after the initial main story quest in this modern JRPG, “The Cost of Good Manners,” players must accept and complete the Shop Quest “Profit Chasing” from Felipe located on the Second Street of the market area. He wishes to set up a business but lacks the knowledge of what would be profitable. After receiving input from other villagers, Felipe decides to build a Tool Shop. Once players collect the necessary materials for the shop’s construction, they can upgrade their Axe to Level 2, after which they can collect Lightweight Lumber from tree nodes in the Great Forest.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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