How to Get Sparks and Fireworks

How to Get Sparks and Fireworks

Ms. Carouse, the seasonal character who graces all the exciting festival content in Cozy Grove, is back for the summer festival! If you weren’t here last July, the content appears to be similar: feeding imps means you can find sparks, which in turn can be used to craft fireworks with Ms. Carouse. Fireworks can be set near your spectral pets (and bear friends, and imps!) for spectacular results: they’ll drop high quality essence, coins, and other excellent goodies! Carouse also has seasonal clothing in her store and a variety of cool summer festival decorations to craft.

Get Your Sparks here

Hungry imps (imps that have a food item in the speech bubble above their heads) will now often drop sparks! If you are unfamiliar with the fine art of imp-feeding, it’s nice and simple: you find the food item they are requesting, and throw it at them! They’ll gobble it up and show a big red heart emoji, so when you run over to them, they’ll leave you a nice gift: typically essence (and now, sparks!) You can take those sparks to Ms. Carouse to craft fireworks.

cozy grove summer spark drop


Bring your sparks along to Ms. Carouse. In her “craft things” menu option, you’ll be able to put together some fireworks! There are three tiers of simple explosive available: fireworks, which cost three sparks, deluxe fireworks, which go for eight sparks and five charred fishbones (you can get these by fishing and burning your catches at your campfire, Flamey), and grand finale fireworks, which run 15 sparks, ten charred fishbones, and five relic ashes. Naturally, you’ll get a bigger effect with the higher-quality fireworks, so think about how you’re spending your sparks!

You can set fireworks off near your island’s bears, imps, and animals! Setting off some regular fireworks results in a selection of flower blossoms and coins. The flower blossoms are particularly useful if you are into Cozy Grove’s dye system, so feel free to stock up on those if that’s your bag! Deluxe fireworks typically result in a nice shower of quartz gemstones and semi-precious gems. I’m currently saving up enough sparks for a Grand Finale fireworks bundle, but the Cozy Grove Wiki entry shows a windfall of essence for letting loose with the grand display. 

cozy grove fireworks menu

Summer Decorations

Ms. Carouse also has a collection of excellent summer decorations to craft, among them, chill bear statues, lei stands, palm trees, fireworks and coconut water stalls, of varying rarities! The chief ingredients for most summer festival decorations are charred fishbones, roasted fruit, and tins of flower pigment. Tins of flower pigment are easily created by “recycling” flower blossoms at Francesca DuClaw, the recycling (and dye process!) bear. 

Of course, there are also special summer outfits! You can select the “I want to buy clothes” option in her menu, where she’ll have a selection of adorable summer hats, shirts, glasses, and the like. Today, I grabbed a music festival shirt, which I’ll be rocking on and off throughout the year!

Overall, the summer festival is perhaps the most chill of all the seasonal celebrations in the Cozy Grove calendar year. I’m a big fan of the summer decorations and outfits, and really, the relaxed vibes are just what the doctor ordered at the moment!

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