How to Hide the Try Tweetdeck Preview Button on Browsers

How to Hide the Try Tweetdeck Preview Button on Browsers

You might want to hide the “Try Tweetdeck Preview” button as fast as possible. I sure did. At least after I installed the preview for a few weeks and discovered I disliked it so very, very much that I wanted to roll back to the older — ostensibly less advanced — version. The Tweetdeck preview runs much more slowly (at least on my computer) and looks awful in dark mode.

Some of these issues may be fixed by the time the “preview” becomes the official new version of Tweetdeck. Either way, in the meantime, that enormous blue bar is a huge pain. It’s big enough to block entire tweets, especially if you’re reading lots of replies, and while there are ways around that issue it’s just not worth the hassle. Let’s hide it!

better tweetdeck chrome install

Unfortunately, this is more complicated than it sounds. Possibly that’s because Twitter wants more people to use the Tweetdeck preview for testing and thinks the inconvenience will outweigh the problems with the new app. Possibly it’s just an oversight. Whatever the case, you’re going to need to download a popular browser extension: Better Tweetdeck.

This is a lightweight add-on that does exactly what its name implies. It improves Tweetdeck on browsers in a number of very subtle ways. Most of these improvements aren’t even visible. That’s because Better Tweetdeck is mostly a collection of customization options — allowing power users (who some say are the primary audience for Tweetdeck in the first place) to tweak things how they like.

One of the latest toggles in Better Tweetdeck, as evidenced by the blue “new” icon at the time of this writing, is an option that simply reads “Hide the ‘Try TweetDeck Preview’ button.” You can find it under the General section of the Better Tweetdeck settings. Though the extension should default to this tab when you open the options menu.

This works a little differently depending on which browser you use. The basics are typically the same, however. Just find Better Tweetdeck: either at the official website or via your own browser’s extension store. On both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, for instance, there’s a small puzzle piece icon on the top right of your browser — right next to your URL bar.

With Edge, you can click on the bottom part of the dropdown menu to “Open Microsoft Edge Add-ons” and find any number of extensions in the online library there. Better Tweetdeck is available from there as well. Chrome users can instead use the Chrome Web Store. The add-on is entirely free in either case.

Depending on your settings, you may now see a small Tweetdeck icon with a “+” symbol next to the puzzle piece icon. That’s the Better Tweetdeck logo! Click on it to get another dropdown menu. One of the options should read “Extension Options.” Click on that to open a new tab with all the Better Tweetdeck settings now available to you.

If you don’t see the Better Tweetdeck icon on your browser, but know that you installed it, don’t worry. You can find any of your extensions by clicking on the puzzle piece icon. Though the wording might be slightly different depending on your browser.

On Chrome, for example:

Click the puzzle icon → click the three-dot icon next to Better Tweetdeck in the dropdown → click Options

This will take you to the Better Tweetdeck settings window! You can consult the screenshot above if you’re still having issues with these instructions, though.

Another option is to simply click “manage extensions.” Then look for Better Tweetdeck among your installed add-ons (make sure it’s toggled on while you’re there) and click “Details.” This will take you to a properties screen that should have an Extension Options link. Once again, you can find a visual example of what I mean in the screenshot above. This is what the Better Tweetdeck Details page looks like in Chrome!

However you get to the Better Tweetdeck settings, and after you toggle on the “Hide the ‘Try TweetDeck Preview’ button,” make sure to save! Your browser will ask you to do so via a popup button on the bottom of the screen. Once that’s all said and done, you just need to reopen or refresh Tweetdeck. The big, blue bar should be gone!

Hopefully that helps anyone having the same problem as me out there. Best of luck and, if something about these instructions isn’t clear, sound off in the comments below! I’ll try to sort it out from there.