How To Solve The Woods Puzzle in Inside

How To Solve The Woods Puzzle in Inside

The Woods is the first part of Inside where players will be introduced to some of the basic puzzle mechanics of the game in this tutorial level.

Inside, the Indie smash-hit successor to Limbo has a series of challenging puzzles that take place in different, unnamed areas of the game, like the Woods. The Woods is the first area in the game. Players begin the game to see the boy dressed in red, alone in the dark, running towards the right. Games like Inside do not have exposition or obvious plot; the fun is discovering the game world and making sense of the visuals. Players are encouraged to take their own meaning from the game’s story.

Shortly after beginning the game, players will encounter an 18-wheeler truck in the middle of the woods. Then, as players continue to head right, they will see two men standing near some sort of machine. This is the first puzzle in the game. Since Inside is a 2D platformer, almost all puzzles will involve moving objects on the left-right plane, hiding, or causing distractions.


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There are several steps to solving the Woods puzzle in Inside. First, players should balance stealth and moving objects to be able to progress. If players move too soon, they will attract the attention of the mysterious adults in the Woods, and the puzzle will reset.

How to Solve the Woods Puzzle in Inside

Inside Woods Puzzle Limbo Playdead Headlights

As this is the game’s first level, the Woods puzzle in Inside also serves as a tutorial. When players encounter the guards after the truck, stay hidden until the guards leave the area. This mechanic will be used a lot in future levels. Once the guards leave, continue on until the Boy gets stuck at a wall. Interact with the refrigerator to push it over, then slide it closer to the wall to create a platform the Boy can use to jump over the wall.

Continuing on the path, players will encounter another wall that is too tall for the Boy to jump over, but no obvious object next to it to help. Players will need to backtrack until they find a box they can drag to the wall; as Inside limits movement as a 2D platformer, players will often need to backtrack to solve puzzles. Slide the box to the wall and jump over. When crossing the steam, the figures in the back will see the Boy and send a dog to chase him; continue moving forwards and jump over a ravine to get away.

The next puzzle will be involve hiding from the figures in their car, who are now alerted to the Boy’s presence and are looking for him. After jumping off a small cliff, right when the car’s lights are able to discover the Boy, players should go left and hide behind the cliff. Once the car’s headlights disappear, continue onwards. There will be a part where there is no choice but to cross in front of the car’s headlights and be seen, so players will need to continue onwards. There will be a point where players need to jump, right before the stream, to avoid tripping and falling; if the Boy trips, he will be caught, and the puzzle will begin again. Continue heading right, and hide behind the RV to avoid the truck’s headlights. When the truck parks, continue to run while the men chase the Boy. Jump off the large cliffs and prepare to cross the lake, but stay under the surface of the water to avoid being shot. Once the Boy is no longer in the headlights, it is safe to surface and swim to the other side of the lake. Once players get out to the other side, they will be in the next area of Inside, the Farm.

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Inside is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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