Idris Elba Reveals If Fans Need to Watch Show Before Movie

Idris Elba Reveals If Fans Need to Watch Show Before Movie

Luther star Idris Elba talks about the upcoming film and whether it’s necessary for newcomers to watch the series to fully appreciate it.

Luther star Idris Elba discusses whether or not he thinks newcomers to the series should watch the tv show before the upcoming movie. Elba, who is also known for his roles in The Wire, Beasts of No Nation, and as Heimdall in the MCU, has been starring in Luther since 2010 and has netted four Emmy nominations for his performance. The new Luther film is set to also star Tony-winner Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis. It will be distributed by Netflix.

Luther follows the titular DCI John Luther, a dedicated police officer whose obsession with his cases can lead to self-destructive circumstances. The series has had 5 seasons with 20 episodes total, airing intermittently every few years while Elba works on other projects. The upcoming Luther movie has already wrapped filming in London. Former showrunner Neil Cross returned to pen the screenplay and no release date has yet been announced.


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In an interview for Sirus XM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Elba talks about how the film is a complete story that won’t require newcomers to be familiar with the series beforehand. Elba mentions that it picks up where the fifth season ended, but it is coherent on its own for people who have no idea who Luther is. He also says the film continues the series’ signature gritty tone and dark storytelling. Read Elba’s quote below:

If you watched the last season, it picks up after that. but for new audiences who haven’t seen it I think the film is, it’s a whole story, so even if you don’t know where Luther, who he is or what, anything about him, the film attempts to be whole for a new audience.

Luther deep in thought

Though it’s unknown whether the Luther movie will end its story, the film is anticipated by fans who haven’t had a new episode in over three years. Elba talks about how shooting the film was very intense, and how excited he is to return to the character and see what he does next. Though the show is thought to be officially concluded, the series has a habit of returning after varying intervals of time, whether that might be in the form of another movie or a discussed book adaptation after this upcoming film.

Elba has a reputation for bringing intrigue and charisma to his roles, but few have allowed him to shine like Luther. Luther’s strong following has helped shape Elba into one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, and his continued enthusiasm for the role shows how much the character means to him. Whether it be for longtime fans or newcomers, the Luther movie is bound to have the same dark and compelling storytelling that made the series a hit.

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Source: The Jess Cagle Show

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