Into The Breach is Free for Netflix Users on Mobile, is One of the Best Games of the Decade

Into The Breach is Free for Netflix Users on Mobile, is One of the Best Games of the Decade

Into The Breach is free for Netflix users on mobile platforms today: if you have a Netflix account and an iPhone or android device, you can partake in one of the best-designed strategy games ever made. Better yet, the new release includes the Advanced Edition content, which arrives on all platforms today, in the game’s first major update in four years. The update is free for all existing players (and simply included in the new mobile editions). The Netflix version is set to launch at 10am Pacific time, and the Advanced Edition is currently rolling out on Switch and PC.

The Advanced Edition boasts four new pilots, all with their own skills, and four new teams, also with new, probably-perfectly-balanced load outs. There’s also new music and some new modes to check out.

This is not a drill! This is one of my favorite games of all time, a sci-fi themed tactics puzzler that tasks you with surviving round after round on a 64-grid battlefield filled with monstrous beasts, all hell-bent on destroying the human settlements around them. It’s a little bit Starship Troopers, a little Live, Die, Repeat (with a time travel rouguelike structure: when you lose – or win! – you travel back and time and try it again), and a whole lot of crunchy, tactical puzzle scenarios.

Into the breach advanced edition

In each stage, you always have three little mechs, equipped with different powers and buffs, ready for turn-based battles. You always have near-perfect information about what the enemy will do on its next turn, so making wise choices and puzzling out your path to a win condition is always clear – even if it’s never easy.

Into the Breach has provided around 2800 hours of entertainment for me so far, and I fully plan on mastering the new content (and writing some guides so new players can enjoy it too!). I will basically always evangelize this game (unless, of course, something horrible happens in the Advanced Edition, but I’m hoping that’s not the case), and I’m genuinely excited to see if a new demographic will grab it and see just how tightly and elegantly designed a game like this can be.