Invisible Man 2 Update Shared By Elisabeth Moss

Invisible Man 2 Update Shared By Elisabeth Moss

The Invisible Man 2 could still happen, as Elisabeth Moss gives an update on the speculated-upon sequel to the 2020 Blumhouse hit.

Elisabeth Moss gives an update on The Invisible Man 2. 2020’s The Invisible Man starred Moss in an updated take on the famous 1933 Universal horror movie. The spine-tingling Blumhouse film struck a definite chord with audiences, going on to gross $143 million at the worldwide box office.

Leigh Wannell’s vision for The Invisible Man indeed succeeded in putting an interesting and timely spin on the original story, casting Moss as a woman terrorized by a literally invisible antagonist. But of course the film ultimately flipped the script on the classic Invisible Man premise, as it saw Moss finally triumphing over her seemingly all-powerful tormenter, and gaining control of his invisibility suit. The film’s finale indeed seemed to set up a sequel in which Moss herself might use the power of invisibility, either for good or evil.


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It’s now been two years since The Invisible Man left audiences with this tantalizing cliffhanger, and there’s still no official word of a sequel being in the offing. Moss herself, while not being able to confirm that a sequel is in the works, is at least still keeping the door open on the possibility. Speaking to, Moss said of a potential Invisible Man 2:

“I can’t really say much, but it’s definitely not — it’s not necessarily in the rearview at all, but I do think that we have, with any sequel, you obviously want to make sure that you are doing the original justice. And so none of us involved have any intention of just cracking out another thing and throwing it up and just seeing what happens. We really want it to be as good, if not better, than the first one. Did I actually answer the question at all? It’s not in the rearview. How’s that?”

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It’s no surprise of course that Moss feels the need to keep her remarks about a possible Invisible Man 2 so vague, as again there has been no official announcement of the film being in the pipeline. As for Blumhouse’s wider plans for updated Universal monster movies, Jason Blum himself recently offered an update in which he said “two or three” films are in the works. But naturally Blum did not name what titles are actually coming. And he also reminded fans that Universal Studios ultimately has the final say in which movie ideas are greenlit.

The Universal monster movie stable obviously is very large, leaving Blumhouse with a lot of titles to choose from when it comes to developing future film projects. Indeed at least one Universal-based movie, the Dracula spinoff Renfield, is actively being shot with Nicolas Cage in the role of the world’s most famous bloodsucker. Bride of Frankenstein is another title that’s been tapped for resurrection, though that project appears to be currently sidelined (Scarlett Johansson’s recently-announced Bride is of course being made outside the Blumhouse banner). Back in 2019 it was also reported that Elizabeth Banks was doing a remake of The Invisible Woman, though there have been no recent updates on that particular project either. Ryan Gosling is also supposed to star in a new version of The Wolfman directed by Invisible Man’s Whannell, while Eternals director Chloe Zhao is attached to a “sci-fi Western” take on Dracula.

Invisible Man 2 would seem like a strong candidate to join the still-very-short list of officially greenlit Universal projects, given how well the original film did at the box office. And it’s also true that the first film ended on a note that seems to set up the perfect sequel idea, with Moss becoming the Invisible Woman. Her remarks definitely make it sound like Moss is interested in returning for The Invisible Man 2, but only if Whannell and company come up with an idea that is truly worth doing.

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