Kirby and the Forgotten Land — All Secret HAL Rooms

Kirby and the Forgotten Land — All Secret HAL Rooms

HAL loves adding secrets to its games, and Kirby and the Forgotten Land is no exception. There are three secret HAL rooms in the game, ranging from cleverly-hidden to downright obscure. The first one lets you get some powers early, but they’re otherwise just fun little secrets from the developer. Here’s how to find all three of them.

HAL Room 1 — Rocky Rollin’ Road

For the first HAL room, head to Rocky Rollin’ Road in the Natural Plains and grab the Ranger ability. Make it to the very end of the level, then look in the background for a distant target you can hit with the Ranger’s gun. Hitting the target will create a staircase up to the roof. From there, slide down the hill and you’ll reach the first HAL room, which contains a number of powers you wouldn’t otherwise get until much later in the game. And yes, once you get a power here, it’ll be unlocked at the Waddle Dee Store. While you’re there, don’t forget to destroy the blocks that spell out “HAL” to get some food, Star Coins, and capsules, and take some time to enjoy the unique music.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

HAL Room 2 — The Wondaria Dream Parade

The HAL room in the Wondaria Dream Parade stage is incredibly obscure, to the point that I’m not sure how anyone would be able to discover it on their own. Make your way through the level until you reach the point with oil everywhere, then head down into the hole to reach the side area where you race with the Car Mouth ability. Normally, you’d want to get the cone first, use it to break the pavement, and then drive across the shortcut to complete the track in under five seconds and rescue the Waddle Dee. Instead, get right into the car and head to the finish line, but don’t cross it. Wait until the timer hits 86 seconds, then immediately cross. If done right, it should raise a center platform with flowers spelling out “HAL,” full of Star Coins and capsules to collect.

HAL Room 3 — Burning, Churning Power Plant

For the Burning, Churning Power Plant HAL room, head into the level with the Fire ability. During the section where the walls attempt to crush you, get on top of the final set of walls and enter the Control Room on the left. After that, head back throughout the level until you make it outside. There should be a path of Star Coins leading you up to a ladder that takes you into the ducts of the power plant. Enter the room and destroy the boxes around the central pillar to reveal “HAL” spelled in crates. Doing so will drop a Vending Machine, which can break the HAL crates. Breaking all of them will reveal a ring of items around the perimeter of the area. Thanks, HAL!

That’s all three of the secret HAL rooms in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. For more tips and secrets, check out the rest of our coverage.