Lydia Reveals Hai Told Tribe He Crawled Through Blood Pit

Lydia Reveals Hai Told Tribe He Crawled Through Blood Pit

Survivor’s recent boot Lydia shares what teammate Hai told his tribe when he returned from his leg of the first challenge drenched in blood.

The game of Survivor often throws curveballs at the castaways, and for Hai Giang, season 42 was no exception. Hai and 17 other castaways went to Fiji to compete for a chance to win the million dollar prize. In a move that surprised many, Hai voted out his best ally Lydia Meredith at the last tribal council. Now Lydia is on the move, doing interviews to share her thoughts and experiences from the season, which filmed early last summer.

Many fans may remember Hai racing towards his team covered in blood during the first challenge of Survivor season 42. Not to worry though, it was only a charade that he and two other cast members, Drea and Lindsay, had done to hide secret advantages that they got during their leg of the relay race. The three castaways were given an Advantage Amulet to use later in the game. To hide their new power from the rest of the cast, they covered themselves in mud, sand, and blood. But this left fans wondering: how did they explain it away?


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During her exit interview with Rob Cesternino, Lydia finally revealed what Hai told his tribe to explain his appearance. “He basically [said] ‘we had to crawl through a blood pit’ or something”, she told Cesternino. The answer seemed simple enough, as Hai didn’t have any cuts on his body. Lydia said the tribe didn’t question it, as there was really no reason to. Watch the full interview here:

Lydia and Hai were a very tight two throughout the first have of Survivor 42. Lydia almost went home on day 7 when the Vati tribe went to rocks during their first tribal council. Hai stood by her side and fought for her, allowing her to stay until day 14. Fans were shocked to see that Hai had voted for Lydia to go in episode 6. In her exit interview she echoed the sentiment, saying that she “truly [didn’t] understand. I could have been an easy goat, easy number.” But she doesn’t harbor any hard feelings towards Hai or the rest of the cast.

Voting Lydia out may prove to be a key part of Hai’s game from here on out. He is already proving himself to be a frontrunner to win the season. By taking out his tightest ally to prove loyalty to a new alliance, he may have secured a seat to go far. Some fans worry that flipping on Lydia so quickly could hurt Hai in the long run. People may see him as a cutthroat player who is prepared to put himself first. Now that the tribes are finally merged, there are a lot more targets to take out.

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