Machop Raid Guide (Best Counters & Weaknesses)

Machop Raid Guide (Best Counters & Weaknesses)

Machop is a One Star Raid boss in Pokémon GO that can be an easy victory for players that use the correct counters against the Fighting-type.

Machop is a Fighting-type Pokémon featured in One Star Raids in Pokémon GO, making it the perfect boss for new trainers looking to score an easy victory or anyone looking for additional Machop Candy or a better version of the Superpower Pokémon. Machop is the base form of the Machamp evolutionary line, and although it takes 125 Machop Candies to evolve it fully, Machamp is well worth the time and effort to acquire. Trainers that do not have a Machamp should participate in the One Star Raid encounters with Machop as they can beat the Pokémon easily by exploiting its weaknesses and the best counters.


As a One Star Raid boss in Pokémon GO, catching a Shiny Machop is possible, but the odds remain unchanged from those found in the wild. Players can capture Machop with a CP between 678 and 730 on level 20 when there is no weather boost active. When there is cloudy weather in Pokémon GO, Machop’s CP increases to a range between 848 and 913, and its level is raised to 25 when captured. Because it is a basic Pokémon, the primary reason to catch a Machop is to eventually evolve it into the perfect Machamp, particularly in its role as a non-Legendary Fighting-type.

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As Fighting-type Pokémon, Machop’s weaknesses are Psychic-, Fairy-, and Flying-type moves. Any fully evolved Pokémon over level 30 can take on the Raid boss by themselves, especially if they are resistant to Fighting-type attacks like Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokémon are. Veteran trainers that have captured a Mewtwo in Pokémon GO will have more than enough strength to beat Machop. However, new players who have yet to acquire a powerhouse may want to stick to using a team with type advantage defensively and offensively.

How To Counter Machop In A Pokémon GO Raid

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The best Pokémon to use against Machop are those that are fully evolved with either Psychic-, Fairy-, or Flying-type moves, such as Alakazam, Espeon, Blaziken, and Togekiss. There are dozens of options available in Pokémon GO to use against Machop, but players should avoid using anything that it is inherently strong against as a Fighting-type Pokémon. This list includes Pokémon that have a Normal-, Rock-, Steel-, Dark-, or Ice-typing.

New players may want to consider completing the Abra and Kadabra Raids in Pokémon GO if they are short on Psychic-type counters for a fight against Machop. Kadabra in particular is strong enough to deal significant damage against Machop even though it isn’t a fully evolved Pokémon. Likewise, even Abra can be useful against Machop for those who have little to none of the type options listed above.

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Pokémon Go is available on iOS.

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