Mad Max Prequel Furiosa Should Follow A Chris Hemsworth Career Trend

Mad Max Prequel Furiosa Should Follow A Chris Hemsworth Career Trend

Mad Max prequel Furiosa is likely to cast Chris Hemsworth as its second lead, but the actor’s forays into darker roles prove he’s a perfect villain.

While Chris Hemsworth is best known as a blockbuster hero, the actor has proven he can play effective, unsettling villains in recent years, and he should do so again in the upcoming Mad Max prequel Furiosa. Chris Hemsworth is one of the three major stars who have been announced as part of Furiosa’s cast. The actor will appear alongside Tom Burke and Anya Taylor-Joy in the 2024 Mad Max prequel. Taylor-Joy plays Furiosa’s titular antiheroine, but Burke and Hemsworth’s roles are currently unknown.

For viewers who know Hemsworth from the MCU’s colorful, comical Thor franchise, the actor’s as-yet-unnamed role in the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel may seem pretty obvious. As a blockbuster hero, it stands to reason that Hemsworth will play the movie’s comparative good guy and Mad Max equivalent. Without Mad Max himself, Furiosa needs a deuteragonist which is where Hemsworth presumably comes in.


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However, viewers who have seen Hemsworth’s superb turn as Spiderhead’s sci-fi villain in the Netflix satire will know that he has serious potential as a seemingly charming, secretly volatile antagonist in a futuristic setting. The range Hemsworth has displayed is sometimes overshadowed by the high profile of the actor’s heroic roles, but the star has proved he can play villains as effectively as heroes in the George Saunders adaptation. As such, after his memorable turn in Spiderhead, Hemsworth should play an outright villainous role in Furiosa. While few characters are straight-up heroic in the Mad Max movies, seeing Hemsworth as a villain rather than an antihero or Furiosa’s love interest would be a welcome change of pace from the actor’s now-familiar screen persona.

Why Chris Hemsworth Should Be Furiosa’s Prequel Villain

mad max furiosa chris hemsworth villain

There is a chance that judging by co-star Tom Burke’s resemblance to a young Immortan Joe, Hemsworth will play the comparatively heroic biker gang leader named Dementus in the prequel. These are the only two roles other than Furiosa mentioned in the movie’s synopsis, but this would be a waste of the talents that Hemsworth displayed in Spiderhead. Hemsworth’s familiar charm made his villainous role in Spiderhead all the more disarming and the lack of trust that Mad Max: Fury Road’s Furiosa displayed throughout the 2015 movie proves that her prequel self is likely (like any character in the franchise’s wasteland) to face many duplicitous drifters throughout her backstory.

Making Hemsworth’s character one of the villains of Furiosa would disarm viewers who assumed that they knew where the Mad Max prequel was heading, as well as differentiating the franchise’s tone from its more family-friendly blockbuster competitors. The world of Mad Max is a darker, grittier one than that of the MCU, and turning the Thor actor into Furiosa’s main villain in a prequel twist would further underline this difference. This choice would also allow the Furiosa star to further flex his talent for playing villains, making the Mad Max prequel even more exciting as a result.

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Furiosa (2024)Release date: May 24, 2024

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