Major Killing Eve Death Makes One Series Finale Ending Possible Now

Major Killing Eve Death Makes One Series Finale Ending Possible Now

Villanelle found out about Eve and Hélène’s season 4 tryst and this betrayal could set up Killing Eve finally fulfilling the title of the show.

Warning: SPOILERS for Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 6 – “Oh Goodie, I’m The Winner”

Hélène’s (Camille Cottin) death at Villanelle’s (Jodie Comer) hands now makes one Killing Eve series ending possible. Hélène was murdered by Villanelle in retaliation for the French member of The Twelve sending Gunn (Marie-Sophie Ferdane) after Villanelle. Gunn shot Villanelle in the back with an arrow as Hélène made Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) watch, which proved Eve doesn’t really hate Villanelle. But the Russian assassin survived and exacted revenge on Hélène. Yet Villanelle learning about Hélène and Eve’s trysts may have finally put the nail in the coffin of Villanelle’s obsession with Eve.


Hélène was introduced as a high-ranking member of The Twelve in Killing Eve season 3 and she denied Villanelle’s request to become a keeper. Villanelle no longer wanted to be The Twelve’s best assassin, although not killing altogether has proven easier said than done. However, as Villanelle underwent her personal crises, it was Eve who truly got close to Hélène in Killing Eve season 4. Polastri saw Hélène as a stepping stone to reach the top of The Twelve’s hierarchy but they fell into their own sordid attraction to each other. Eve got very personal with Hélène, from sharing a bubble bath to abducting her young daughter, and Villanelle was unaware of any of this. When Eve had Villanelle arrested, Hélène immediately sprung her from prison and sent the Russian killer to eliminate Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), although Villanelle and Carolyn ended up working together. Yet it was Hélène who was financing a killer named Gunn to murder members of The Twelve in gruesome ways.

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After the ways Eve rejected Villanelle throughout Killing Eve season 4, finding out Eve has all but been in bed with Hélène was the last straw for the Russian assassin. True, Eve did save Villanelle’s life after she was struck by Gunn’s arrow but Villanelle hasn’t forgiven Polastri for having her imprisoned. Villanelle finally murdered Hélène, which she’s wanted to do since Killing Eve season 3, but part of the pleasure of the kill was also to get back at Eve for this personal betrayal. Learning about Hélène and Eve being ‘together’ may have finally broken Villanelle of her obsession with Eve. If they remain at odds into Killing Eve’s series finale, it could also mean that Villanelle may ultimately kill Eve, fulfilling the title of the series at last.

Villanelle and Eve’s obsession has resulted in bloody violence between them before. Eve stabbing Villanelle in the torso at the end of Killing Eve season 1 was unforgettable, and the Russian paid Eve back by shooting her in Rome at the end of Killing Eve season 2. In both instances, Eve and Villanelle genuinely tried to kill the other, although both were glad they failed (but maybe Villanelle was more glad than Eve in the long run). One major change in Killing Eve seasons 3 and 4 is that Eve has grown more assertive and aggressive whereas Villanelle has questioned her very nature repeatedly, and she even turned to Christianity to find answers. However, Villanelle’s innate talent for killing remains intact, and Killing Eve seems to have no plans for Villanelle’s redemption.

Is Killing Eve setting up a final collision course for Eve and Villanelle in the season 4 finale? The season 3 finale of Killing Eve seemed to settle the idea of the two of them getting a happy ending together since they chose to walk away from each other. Their indelible attraction remains but Villanelle now feels betrayed by Eve’s tryst with Hélène. Villanelle has changed her mind before and forgiven Eve, but Hélène may have marked a permanent break between Polastri and the Russian killer. Killing Eve eliminating Hélène this late in the game puts Eve and Villanelle at odds, perhaps permanently, and it’s possible the series ends with the would-be lovers finally killing each other.

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Killing Eve Season 4 airs Sundays @ 8pm on BBC America.

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