Marvel Confirms the Weakest Avenger isn’t Who Fans Think

Marvel Confirms the Weakest Avenger isn't Who Fans Think

While every member of the Avengers has proven their worth, one surprising member was dubbed the “weakest” in the series 10th issue ever.

Each member of the Avengers has proven their worth time and again by being integral to the team’s world-saving operations, the range in power levels among them means that one has to be considered the weakest among the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In one of the Avengers’ earliest adventures, their weakest member was actually called out by name–and it is not who fans would expect.

The Avengers first came together as a team in Avengers #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, in which the heroes joined forces to battle the villainous Loki who meant to conquer the planet. In that first issue, the team consisted of Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp, and the Hulk, though only a few issues later, the Avengers recruited Captain America. Following Cap’s inclusion on the Avengers, the lineup stayed fairly consistent with the founding members plus Captain America making up the famous superhero squad throughout much of the book’s original run.


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In Avengers #10 by Stan Lee and Don Heck, the Avengers are helping Captain America with his training by attacking him all at once while he quickly and skillfully evades their attacks. Meanwhile, the insidious team of villains known as the Masters of Evil–which at that time consisted of Zemo, Enchantress, and the Executioner–are approached by the mysterious Immortus who claims to hold dominion over the timestream. Together, the villains decide to take on the Avengers, and in their conflict, Immortus throws Captain America into another time period, leaving the Avengers weakened by his absence. However, not every member of the Avengers sees Captain America’s disappearance as a detrimental loss to the team. While Iron Man, Wasp, Ant-Man, and Thor discuss how worried they are about Captain America and how they fear he may be gone forever, Ant-Man chimes in with, “So far as sheer physical strength was concerned, he was certainly our weakest member…”.

Marvel confirms the weakest Avenger... and it's not who fans think.

While it is true that Steve Rogers is not as physically capable as some of his other fellow Avengers, it seems absurd that Captain America would be considered “weak” in any respect. Captain America is a Super Soldier whose strength and speed are far beyond those of a regular human, with an indomitable spirit to match. Even to this day, Captain America remains an icon for other superheroes within the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, because he exemplifies what it means to be a true hero. However, while it seems unreasonable to consider Captain America weak because he is a character who is larger than life and inspires so many others to reach their full potential, Ant-Man isn’t necessarily wrong in his statement. Ant-Man himself is incredibly strong thanks to the use of his Pym Particles. The same also goes for the Wasp. Hank is especially strong when he enlarges to the size of a building in his Giant-Man form. Similarly, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk have also proven to be more physically capable than Captain America in terms of sheer strength, meaning out of all of them, Captain America is, in fact, the weakest.

This assessment, initially shocking as it may be, only applies to the Avengers team as it was in that particular issue. As the Avengers expanded its roster, other heroes joined the team who were easily weaker than Captain America when only considering brute strength. This includes Hawkeye and Black Widow, who are basically just highly-skilled humans with minor enhancements. However, as it stood when Ant-Man made the statement, Captain America was considered the weakest member of the Avengers despite the fact that he is the heart and soul of the team.

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