Marvel Is Settling Its Deadliest Woman on Earth Debate Once and For All

Marvel Is Settling Its Deadliest Woman on Earth Debate Once and For All

Marvel decided that the title of “most dangerous human being in the universe” will officially belong to Elektra for her upcoming relaunch.

The moniker of “deadliest woman” has been bounced between many of Marvel’s great female characters, but it seems that the debate is officially settled and the winner is none other than Elektra, the red-clad assassin who debuted in the Daredevil comic books and is now getting a new series of her own.

Elektra Natchios is one of Marvel’s best assassins. She trained in martial arts since she was 10 and at an early age joined the Chaste, a secret group of warriors led by the mysterious Stick who studied and trained to master the art of combat. After a fallout with Stick, Elektra was “scouted” by The Hand, the massive sect of mystical ninja assassins. Under their tutelage, Elektra became one of the world’s deadliest assassins. Things changed when Elektra reunited with her college love interest, Matt Murdock, who had become Daredevil. They rekindled their love and Matt persuaded Elektra to abandon the Hand and her lethal profession, but before long she was killed by a rival assassin, Bullseye. The Hand, however, knows the secret of a tainted resurrection ritual, and they brought Elektra back from the dead. Luckily, Matt was able to purify her soul, so she was free of the Hand’s devious influence.


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Marvel claims that Elektra is “the most dangerous human being in the Marvel Universe”, which has been used to advertise the landmark Elektra issue #100, by Ann Nocenti, Sid Kotian, and Edgar Delgado. This is a bold claim indeed, as there are a lot of “human” characters in the Marvel universe who are incredibly dangerous. Even Daredevil, for example, is technically human, despite having acquired superhuman powers due to an accident. In terms of female characters, while Gamora might be the Galaxy’s deadliest woman, there are many contenders for who holds the title planetside. One could argue that Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff, could be Earth’s deadliest woman. Elektra and Natasha even clashed once, in Black Widow (2010) #3 (by Marjorie Liu and David Acuna), but the fight ended in a stalemate, with both leaving bloodied and bruised.

Elektra Vs. Black Widow from a Marvel comic panel

Elektra is one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe, and her martial arts expertise is second to none. She also knows how to operate a vast array of weapons, from blades to firearms, though her weapon of choice is her twin Okinawan Sai. Just on her martial arts skills alone, Elektra made a better Daredevil than Matt. There is more to Elektra than just weapons and martial arts, however. The Hand derives their mystical abilities from the connection to a mysterious demonic entity known as The Beast. As one of the Hand’s top assassins, Elektra was gifted several supernatural abilities. These include superhuman reflexes and an array of subtle telepathic powers that are able to influence, and sometimes inhabit her victim’s mind. Elektra uses these skills mostly to heighten her already impressive combat skills.

Despite the great number of characters that could claim the title of “most dangerous human being”, Marvel decided that it will officially belong to Elektra for her upcoming relaunch. Truly, Elektra’s skills and expertise make her the best assassin and deadliest woman on Earth (as she proved when she bested an army of clone Bullseyes), but it’s her strong and relentless character that resonated most with fans over the years.

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