Mary Explains Why Female Cast Members Always Wear Heels

Mary Explains Why Female Cast Members Always Wear Heels

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald says the show’s female cast wears heels because its creator, Adam DiVello, doesn’t like women in flats.

Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald has revealed why the show’s female cast always wears heels. The Netflix real estate series cast is known for rocking some of the finest designs. Of course, good looks are just as important as real estate on the hit reality series, and Mary is one of the stars who dazzles with her outfits. Undoubtedly, her fashion style has been an inspiration for many fashion lovers.

With skincare routines that help maintain a glowing appearance, igniting makeup, and top-of-the-notch fashion preferences, Mary always looks stunning and ready to strike a deal. The real estate agent knows just how to blend glamor with work. Like other co-stars, Mary usually appears in sky-high heels. It is hard to find any of the Selling Sunset ladies in flats, and many fans have wondered why this is so.


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Mary revealed in a recent interview that the female cast always wears heels partly because of their fashion-forward mentality and partly because of the show’s strict standard about heels. In a chat with Us Weekly, the 41-year-old TV personality said Adam DiVello, the show’s creator, does not like seeing the ladies in flats. While one can get tired of wearing heels, Mary said there is no room for comforting low shoes because when Adam sees anyone in flats, he mostly reacts by saying, “Hmm, please change those.” However, there is an exception to Adam’s stilettos standards, and those are very trendy flat boots. In addition to Adam’s heel preference, Mary said cast members also have to be conscious of wearing similar clothing.

Mary Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith, Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, and Heather Rae Young on Selling Sunset season 4

While discussing matching colors, Mary explained, “If we’re doing a scene together and two of us are in the exact same color, they [producers] are like, ‘Do either of you have a change of clothes?” However, despite the show’s color rules, Mary noted that she and her husband Romain Bonnet sometimes unintentionally wear matching colors. Although fashion is important to the show, Mary admitted to being more low-key than her castmates. She said she doesn’t put as much effort into her looks as the other girls. Mary revealed her outfit usually depends on her mood for the day but said she is trying to step up her style some more.

Wearing heels may sometimes get uncomfortable, but many fans would agree that it helps accentuate the Selling Sunset ladies’ outfits. Looking glamorous has also played a part in the ladies’ success, and these women undoubtedly love their glamor and gains. The ladies have also done well to always look comfortable and beautiful despite always wearing heels on the show. With Mary’s revelation, fans can only wait to get more views of fashionable stilettos on the Netflix show’s season 5, set for April 22.

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Source: Us Weekly

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