MCU: 10 Actors Who Should Play Future MCU Characters

MCU: 10 Actors Who Should Play Future MCU Characters

Recently, Kevin Feige, President and CCO of Marvel Studios, announced that he and the rest of the creative team have the next 10 years of Marvel projects planned out. This means that a lot of new characters will be introduced in the near future, but some pretty huge projects have already been confirmed.

Major announcements like a Fantastic Four reboot and introducing the X-Men to the MCU were made at San Diego Comic-Con back in 2019. But many confirmed characters haven’t been cast yet, and with the finale of Ms. Marvel having just revealed the existence of mutants in the MCU, it looks like some of these fan favorites aren’t too far out of reach.


10 Wonder Man

A split image of Wonder Man and Chris Pine

A Wonder Man Disney+ show was recently revealed to be in development with Shang-Chi filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton and Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer/producer Andrew Guest at the head of the production. Wonder Man, also known as Simon Williams, is a classic Marvel character with a rich history that ties him to big names like Baron Zemo, Vision, and the West Coast Avengers.

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He also has a day job of being an actor and stuntman, which earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The show still has a long way to go before they get to casting, but Chris Pine could be a good contender. Pine has starred in the Star Trek franchise and was featured in Wonder Woman, so he’s shown he can take on the role of an actor/superhero

9 Dracula

A split image of Javier Bardem and Dracula

With the Blade movie set to begin filming soon, Dracula could make his cinematic debut in the near future. Dracula has been around for centuries, he’s the supreme ruler and most powerful of all vampires, and he wants to be in control of all the monsters in the Marvel universe.

He’s had run-ins with a lot of heroes over time since he’s been around for so long, but Blade is probably one of his biggest enemies, so the viewers can probably expect some type of mention or even appearance of Dracula in the Blade movie. Javier Barden fits the role of Dracula well; he is a well-established Spanish actor that’s starred in No Country For Old Men and Skyfall. Barden is known to play a villain well and could do a lot with Dracula’s story and character.

8 Kitty Pryde

A split image of Kitty Pride and Odessa AZion

Kitty Pryde was one of the youngest members of the X-Men and quickly gained popularity with readers. Kitty is a Jewish mutant who goes by the codename Shadowcat; she has been a part of the X-Men for a very long time and possesses the ability to phase through solid matter.

It would be important for her to be played by a Jewish actress for accurate representation, and Odessa A’Zion from the Netflix series Grand Army is also a fantastic actress that could nail the youthful optimism of Kitty. A’Zion has starred in drama and comedy projects, so she has a versatile range; she’s also still a relatively small actress, which Marvel is a fan of casting.

7 Nova

A split image of Nova and Alexander Ludwig

Nova has been rumored to appear for a long time, but he’s finally getting his own project. Not much has been revealed; it’s still unknown what the project will be, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate on casting the main role. Nova (Richard Rider) was picked by the last surviving Nova Corps member, Rhomann Day, to replace him as he died.

The Nova Corps and their home planet, Xandar, were introduced in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so fans have been waiting for Richard Rider for a while. Alexander Ludwig would be an excellent choice to portray Nova. he was featured in the Hunger Games and Vikings. He has the perfect look for the Xandarian hero, especially if Marvel decides to make him a bit more established and doesn’t start with his teenage origin story.

6 Hulkling

A split image of Miles Brown and Hulkling

The Young Avengers are clearly being set up to appear ever since the introduction of Wiccan and Speed. Most of the members have already been shown; Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Cassie Lang, and Eli Bradley have all appeared on screen,in addition to the twins. One of the members the fans are still waiting on is Hulkling, also known as Teddy Altman.

Teddy is not only a Young Avenger, but he’s also a Skrull/Kree hybrid, so he could be easily brought in on the Secret Invasion series, or at least the idea of him. Miles Brown, known for his role on the ABC show Black-ish, is a good pick for this teen hero. Brown is 17 years old, which puts him in the correct age range to be a Young Avenger, and is a good comedic actor, which would be a good addition to the character.

5 Cyclops

A split image of John Boyega and Cyclops

Now that mutants are coming into the fray, the X-Men reboot can’t be too far behind. Cyclops is almost guaranteed to be a prominent character as the deputy leader and one of Professor X’s most trusted friends, along with his romance with Jean Grey. John Boyega would be a different choice to play Scott Summers, but Boyega is an excellent actor and could play a superhero well.

His part as Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy has already shown how he portrays a brave and loyal friend, which are traits that the character shares with Cyclops. He also starred in Pacific Rim: Uprising, so he can handle big action sequences with no problem. Boyega can show not only Cyclops’s heart but also his power, both of which are important parts of his personality.

4 Rogue

A split image of Saoirse Ronan and Rogue

Another very important member of the X-Men is Rogue, who started as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants alongside her adoptive mother, Mystique. She later turned to Professor X in a time of need, and he then offered her a place on the X-Men despite them having fought against each other before.

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Over time, she becomes a valued member of the team and a loyal soldier to Xavier. Saoirse Ronan could play Rogue very well, and she had been seriously considered for the role of Scarlet Witch (per Superhero Hype), so she’s already on Marvel’s radar and has been for some time. Ronan is no stranger to playing strong female characters, having starred in films like Little Women and Lady Bird, and she could also convey Rogue’s feelings over her powers

3 The Thing

A split image of Michael Cudlitz and The Thing

Ben Grimm is a member of the Fantastic Four; he looks like a mutation of rocks and rivals the Hulk in terms of strength and endurance. Ben has been Reed Richards’ best friend ever since they met in college, and Reed even tried to find a cure for his mutated appearance.

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Ben considers the team his family since he was orphaned as a child, and though he seems tough and even scary to some, he’s a very loyal friend. Michael Cudlitz could be a good idea to play The Thing. He was a main recurring character on The Walking Dead and was cast in a similar role. Some fans may think Cudlitz is too old to play Ben, but his personality and overall appearance are spot-on for this gruff but amusing character (and the character is likely to be CG).

2 Human Torch

A split image of Logan Lerman and Johnny Storm Human Torch

Johnny Storm is an extremely popular character, and his casting has been speculated on for years. He’s funny and has a big personality, even coming off as cocky at times. Johnny is Susan Storm’s younger brother and has a brother-like relationship with Ben Grimm.

Logan Lerman would pull off Human Torch well after showing his sarcastic and funny side in Percy Jackson. Lerman is a young and attractive actor that could show Johnny’s iconic humor and loud disposition. Lerman has starred in many blockbuster and independent films and has been acting for a long time, so he definitely can play such a popular hero.

1 Invisible Woman

A split image of Bryce Dallas Howard and Sue Storm the Invisible Woman

Susan Storm is one of the most anticipated characters to be shown on the big screen, especially since the appearance of her husband, Reed Richards, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Susan is usually the one that keeps the team together; her empathetic and caring nature makes them come together as a family.

Bryce Dallas Howard is not the popular choice to portray Susan, but she does have the sweet disposition that one would need to play her. Howard has starred in the Jurassic World trilogy and worked behind the camera on The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, so she’s used to large blockbuster action movies.

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