Miles Morales Had A Daredevil Easter Egg You Probably Missed

Miles Morales Had A Daredevil Easter Egg You Probably Missed

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has Daredevil references that are different from the ones in the first game and help to develop Matt Murdock’s story.

There’s a major Easter egg reference in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales that expands on the scarce details of Daredevil’s story presented in the first game. The sequel has more than one Daredevil Easter egg, but most have minor or no changes from what could be found previously. However, there is some potential significance in the change to Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock’s law office.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, several Daredevil references can be found while swinging through Hell’s Kitchen. The first game’s Easter eggs included the law office, Fogwell’s Gym, Josie’s Bar, the Clinton Mission Shelter, and a backpack with Matt Murdock’s business card inside. Each of the objects or buildings found in Hell’s Kitchen confirms Matt Murdock’s existence and some of his story in the universe that the games take place in.


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The Easter egg that changed the most in the sequel is the office where Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock have their law firm. In the first game, the doors look old and weathered, and there’s a red notice pinned to the front that’s presumably an eviction letter. From the state that the law firm, it seems like Matt and Foggy are experiencing hard times during the story taking place in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Matt could have given Spider-Man his card in the hopes of finding more clients, but it’s unknown how long ago before the start of the game their brief interaction occurred. In the sequel, the office changes significantly.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Develops Matt Murdock’s Story

Spider-Man Miles Morales Had A Daredevil Easter Egg You Probably Missed Law Firm Entrance

The law office in Spider-Man: Miles Morales has no notice and a much nicer exterior. The doors are even adorned with festive lights, and there’s a small, decorated plant next to the entrance. The indication here is that the law firm has seen some success to the extent that the risk of eviction is gone and they were able to afford a more inviting and decorated entrance. One of the other minor changes is the elimination of Fogwell’s Gym. While the building is still there, it appears to be abandoned, and the sign has been scratched out in the sequel. Although there is no official announcement about Daredevil being in Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series, the law firm’s success suggests there’s at least an ongoing story for Matt Murdock behind the scenes.

With the return of Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there could be a situation where he uses the card Matt Murdock gave him. If the law firm is becoming more successful, its lawyers may have the chance to get involved in the city’s affairs on a larger scale. Without any solid evidence of Daredevil making an appearance, it’s hard to determine whether or not these Easter eggs are meant to inform the plot, or if they’re simply fun references to find. However, there’s always a possibility that Daredevil could play a larger role in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe.

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