Moon Knight Villain MCU Return Chances Addressed By Ethan Hawke

Moon Knight Villain MCU Return Chances Addressed By Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke addresses whether he will return to the MCU as Moon Knight villain Arthur Harrow, explaining that he doesn’t want a long-term commitment.

Ethan Hawke addresses whether he will ever return to the MCU as Moon Knight villain Arthur Harrow. Joining the ever-growing roster of Disney+ MCU shows, Moon Knight premiered earlier this year, introducing audiences to Oscar Isaac’s titular hero. The show earned mostly positive reviews from both audiences and critics, with many praising its unique tone and mind-bending premise, as well as the dynamic between Isaac and Hawke. Presented as a limited series, it remains unclear whether Moon Knight will return for a season 2 or if Isaac’s hero will feature in future MCU appearances.

While Isaac’s performance drew significant praise, Hawke’s villain was also a high point of Moon Knight for many fans. Harrow is a former avatar of Egyptian Moon God Khonshu, but the character soon sets out on a new path, attempting to resurrect Ammit, another ancient Egyptian deity. The series ends with a climactic battle between Khonshu and Ammit, with Isaac’s character eventually defeating Harrow. Moon Knight’s post-credits scene introduces Isaac’s Jake Lockey, Marc Specter’s surprise third identity, who seemingly assassinates Harrow in the back of his limousine.


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In a new interview with IndieWire, Hawke casts doubt on his potential return to the MCU, explaining that he’s ultimately “not interested in long-term commitments.” While not writing off returning to the role of Harrow down the road, the actor explains that he took the role partially because he wanted to “know what that [MCU] sandbox was like.” Check out Hawke’s full comment on his MCU future below:

“I’m not supposed to talk about it. I had to sign an NDA about dealing with them, but I’m not interested in long-term commitments. I protected myself because I didn’t know what it was going to be. I just wanted to know what that sandbox was like.”

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow Ethan Hawke

Hawke previously hinted to Screen Rant that Harrow could have survived the encounter with Lockley during the Moon Knight post-credits scene, but his most recent comment certainly suggests that there are no plans for Harrow to return at the moment. Like Isaac, Hawke seems to have ensured that he wasn’t locked into anything long-term, a situation that is relatively novel at Marvel, with actors frequently contractually obligated to appear in more movies or shows beyond a one-picture deal. While both Isaac and Hawke could very well return to the MCU down the line, there’s nothing currently in writing that says either of them are legally required to.

Moon Knight fared well with both audiences and critics, but, at least for Hawke, the show appears to be more of a one-off. Of course, Moon Knight also told a relatively self-contained story, suggesting that, even if he never returns, it won’t really affect the broader MCU. Although it seems likely that Isaac’s Moon Knight will pop up in another MCU property at some point in the future, Hawke’s comment, combined with his character’s fate, suggests Harrow may well be gone for good.

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