Ms. Marvel Season 2 Story Should Have a Spider-Man Style Arc, Says Star

Ms. Marvel Season 2 Story Should Have a Spider-Man Style Arc, Says Star

Ms. Marvel star Iman Velllani has ideas for season 2 of the series and wants a similar storyline to Spider-Man after Captain America: Civil War.

Warning: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel season 1’s finale

The star of Ms. Marvel wants to see her character take on a similar arc to Spider-Man in the MCU in a potential season 2 for the streaming series. Ms. Marvel premiered on Disney+ on June 8, 2022, and ran for six episodes, with the series concluding with Kamala Khan fully embracing her status as a superhero. Despite finishing its story, it left some dangling plot threads to be picked up in future MCU projects and possibly another season of television.

The series ended by setting up Ms. Marvel’s role in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel titled The Marvels, which is due out in theaters on July 28, 2023, just over a year away. It is currently unknown if Ms. Marvel will stay as a miniseries like WandaVision or if it will return for a second season like Loki and What If…?. While a relatively new comic character, there are still plenty of stories left to tell for Kamala. Needless to say, many are already wondering what comes next after The Marvels for Kamala Khan and her supporting cast.


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In StyleCaster’s interview with the series star Iman Vellani, she revealed the potential storyline she wants to see Kamala undergo if the series returns for season 2. She wants to see her return to her simple street-bound adventures in her neighborhood in New Jersey after having fought alongside her hero Captain Marvel. She wants something similar to Spider-Man after Captain America: Civil War, where he fought alongside the Avengers, and then had to adjust to returning to his normal school days in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Vellani said:

“It would be fun to see Kamala post-’The Marvels’ after she’s fought with her idol. It’s similar to what Spider-Man went through after fighting with the Avengers in ‘Civil War’ and going back to the friendly neighborhood thing.”

Ms Marvel Strikes A Pose

While no word stands on if Ms. Marvel will get a season two, it is possible Marvel is saving the announcement for San Diego Comic-Con with their presentation planned for Saturday, July 23, 2022. It is also entirely possible Ms. Marvel might make her way into more films, be it her own solo film or getting paired with the other young heroes in the MCU to form the Young Avengers. The revelation at the end of Ms. Marvel season 1 seems to indicate big things to come not just for the character but the entire MCU moving forward.

Ms. Marvel having more small Earth-bound adventures would be a nice change of pace from many MCU storylines that tend to go bigger in scale with each project. After Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker’s adventures got bigger in scale, with him going to space in Avengers: Infinity War, out of New York for a Europen vacation in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and then getting tangled in an epic multiversal story in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Currently, it is unknown when Spider-Man will return or what type of story they will tell. Still, Ms. Marvel could give Marvel Studios the chance to tell the classic teenage superhero stories that both heroes are commonly associated with.

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Source: StyleCaster

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