New Artifact Sets & How They Work

New Artifact Sets & How They Work

A bunch of leaks about Genshin Impact’s 3.0 patch are beginning to surface, including information about two new Artifact sets coming to the game.

The floodgates for leaks regarding Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update have opened, and a lot of new information is coming out. Leaked information regarding Sumeru and new characters is piling up, including official art and in-game models. Also, two new Artifact sets have been leaked to be added to Genshin Impact in patch 3.0.

The last time Genshin Impact received new Artifact sets was in patch 2.6 with the introduction of the new Chasm zone. This included a new Domain challenge with the Vermillion Hereafter and Echoes of an Offering Artifact sets. These were sets designed for Xiao and Ayato respectively and followed HoYoverse’s new pattern of creating sets to buff pre-existing characters (in this case, Xiao).


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These new Artifact sets and their set bonuses will provide hints to at least one of the characters soon coming to Genshin Impact. While one of the set bonuses is similar to ones players have seen before in being a set for Dendro characters, another is a unique set that may find a lot of unique uses. Here are what the leaked Artifacts for Genshin Impact 3.0 are and what they allegedly do.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaked Artifacts Sets Include New Dendro Set

Genshin Impact Dendro Leaks And Rumors Dendro Slime

The first leaked Artifact set for Genshin Impact 3.0 is called Memories of the Deep Forest. The two-piece set bonus for this set gives the equipping character a 15% Dendro damage bonus, and the four-piece set bonus reduces an enemy’s Dendro RES by 25% whenever they take elemental damage for 8-seconds, and can even trigger off-field. Since this Artifact set is so focused on increasing the equipping character’s Dendro damage, this could possibly hint that at least one of (if not all) of the Dendro characters leaked so far, Tighnari and Collei, are either main DPS or sub-DPS characters. This set sounds really good on paper and could even help Dendro compete as one of the highest damage-dealing elements.

The second leaked Artifact set is called Ornamental Gold Dream. This set’s two-piece bonus will increase the equipping Genshin Impact character’s Elemental Mastery by 80, and the four-piece set bonus is triggered whenever an elemental reaction occurs and has different conditions and effects: “If the party has 1/2/3 characters of the same element, the character equipped with this artifact will gain x/x/x% (currently unknown) of ATK. However, if the party has 1/2/3 characters of different elements, the character equipped with the artifact will gain x/x/x% (currently unknown) EM for the next 8 seconds. This effect can also be triggered when the character is off-field.” Since this Artifact set is so versatile, it will likely be used in a variety of team compositions and maybe even unlock potential in some new ones.

The new Artifact sets for Genshin Impact 3.0 are looking strong, and it sets a high bar for other sets coming out in the future. Since the Dendro set sounds strong, Dendro will likely be a powerful Element when it releases. For now, though, players will have to wait for these Artifact sets to hit live servers to test their true potential.

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