New FFXIV 6.2 Tribal Quests Are With Omicron, Gathering For Robots

New FFXIV 6.2 Tribal Quests Are With Omicron, Gathering For Robots

Today during the Live Letter From the Producer, the team behind Final Fantasy XIV revealed the next set of Tribal Quests. It seems the next race the Warrior of Light will be helping is the Omicron. That’s the race of mechanical beings you’ll find on Ultima Thule.

The Arkasodara were the combat-focused Tribal Quests, so the Omicron have a different tactic. Instead, these daily quests will be focused on Disciples of the Land. That’s gatherers for those that aren’t in the know!

In the brief screenshot shown, the Omicron will be building up the area known as The Nekropolis. Players may remember this area as being a forgotten town with a bar or restaurant of sorts. It seems we’ll be bringing the Nekropolis back to life.

In the quest, “Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before,” you actually leave the area in the hands of an interesting pair. The Loporrit Jammingway and the AI node N-7000 meet you in the area, prior to opening the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon. It’s likely the pair will be a major part of this Tribal Quest line.

It’ll be great to rebuild the area, especially in Ultima Thule. Even in the dead husk of civilizations at the end of the world, we need a great place to chill, right? I’m looking forward to the area growing as your reputation with the Omicron grows.