New Sonic Cover Hints at Major Growth for IDW’s Best Original Character

New Sonic Cover Hints at Major Growth for IDW's Best Original Character

Sonic the Hedgehog #54 promises that Whisper the Wolf won’t just come back but will relive a past trauma that was explored in a special miniseries.

The rather compromising position in which the Cyan Wisp finds themself as portrayed in the new cover of an upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog issue implies that their friend Whisper the Wolf will undergo a great deal of growth during her long-awaited return.

A character completely proprietary to IDW Publishing’s comic book series, Whisper has unfortunately been out of the picture for quite a few months ever since she left to protect her friends from the deadly Mimic who was targeting her. But IDW teased Whisper the Wolf’s return a few weeks ago when a cover of another upcoming issue (Sonic #53) revealed the wolf battling the Blue Blur’s cyborg replacement Surge the Tenrec.


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Now the cover of Sonic the Hedgehog #54 by artist Tracy Yardley shows Sonic’s new twisted nemesis, Surge the Tenrec, surrounded by a great deal of electricity looking down menacingly at the Cyan Wisp that she has clutched in both of her hands like a ball. The image gives the impression that Surge has plans to harm the poor creature and is reveling in how her victim will suffer. Luckily for fans who have a soft spot for Wisps or the Cyan Wisp in particular, the little critter is looking quite defiant.

Sonic the Hedgehog #54 Cover A by cover artist Tracy Yardley shows Surge the Tenrec hurting the Cyan Wisp which will likely trigger Whisper the Wolf.

Although Tracy’s cover obviously places more emotional emphasis on the Cyan Wisp who’s at Surge’s mercy, the implications of this predicament are directly correlated to Whisper who cares deeply for her Wisps, and most readers are much more invested in her character. Whisper is by far Sonic’s strongest female fighter besides Amy Rose, and fans’ feelings for her are now amplified by the fact that she’s been absent for far too long. Apart from her other redeeming qualities like her obvious cute appeal that resonates with fans who have a special affinity for shy characters, readers connect with the wolf because she has a tragic backstory that was explored in the Tangle & Whisper miniseries, and what she experienced appears to be similar to what will happen in Sonic the Hedgehog #54. As revealed in Tangle & Whisper, the titular wolf feels responsible for the deaths of her friends and comrades when they were betrayed by Mimic during one fateful mission. She had been the lookout as the group’s sniper, and they died on her watch. Since Whisper’s Wisps live with her, Whisper feels responsible for their well-being, so one of them getting captured by a dastardly villain such as Surge could trigger memories of when Mimic murdered their friends. Additionally, readers could likely expect to see flashbacks of Whisper’s relationship with Cyan to further embellish the moment when Surge inevitably captures them.

Readers were already excited at the prospect of IDW’s strongest proprietary character finally returning after being absent for too long. And now the latest release of Sonic the Hedgehog #54’s cover is promising that Whisper the Wolf’s comeback will be even more emotionally charged than fans even imagined.

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Look for Sonic the Hedgehog #54 when it releases on October 26th!

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