Ninja’s Trick Attack Gets Nerfed, Mugged Even — But It’s Not All Bad!

Ninja's Trick Attack Gets Nerfed, Mugged Even — But It's Not All Bad!

It’s always an exciting time in Final Fantasy XIV when new Job changes are revealed in Live Letters and patch notes. This latest Live Letter finally dug into some important adjustments being made to Jobs across the board when FFXIV Patch 6.1 releases on April 12. But one thing definitely stood out to me as a long-time Ninja main — the death of Trick Attack.

Trick Attack was our livelihood, our purpose, our one true utility. It’s the thing that gets us invited to the party, and the reason why we may even get a player commendation when the dust settles. As Ninja mains, we live and die by Trick Attack. On April 12, that will be no more. Okay, it’s not dying, but it is getting a significant nerf.

Along with the outline of FFXIV Patch 6.1 Job changes were details on how Ninja is being tweaked. And the biggest deal: Trick Attack’s 5% damage-taken debuff on the enemy will no longer apply to the whole party. Instead, it will only increase the damage the enemy takes from the Ninja who used the Trick Attack. In short, it will only increase your personal DPS and not the whole party’s.

This certainly changes the dynamic of Ninja since the Job’s whole opener and attack rotation revolved around Trick Attack. However, there are other areas of the Job being bolstered in order to make up for this change. In the end, we may not even lose our purpose as Ninja mains, we’ll just have to adjust and adapt to the new ways we take care of business and help our party’s DPS output. In fact, we may even be more effective moving forward.

ffxiv 6.1 ninja job changes trick attack mugChie is a bit apprehensive about the changes to Ninja, but she’ll adapt just fine!

For one, Mug is essentially taking on the role of Trick Attack. Mug will apply that damage-taken debuff on the enemy, increasing the whole party’s damage output. The action will still run on a 120-second off-global cooldown. Nothing has been said about taking away its boost to the Ninki gauge. There is one lingering question: what’s the percentage of damage increase on the affected enemy?

These changes should be a boon for Ninja — because while Trick Attack gets nerfed, at least we still get something out of it to boost personal DPS. And we’ll still get to support the party’s DPS output with the new version of Mug. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! Hell, we may even sneak into a higher spot in overall DPS output compared to other Jobs.

Since we’ll have a personal DPS boost in addition to a party DPS boost, I think Ninja’s utility is actually improving. Of course, that all depends on the exact numbers and percentages of the status effects applied by Mug and the new Trick Attack. The Job is getting some potency adjustments to certain actions, too — we’re not sure if this implies increases or decreases to potency (and to what degree), but it will be something to look out for.

One of the slides from the FFXIV Live Letter covering Job changes coming to Patch 6.1.

Ninja is also said to be getting slightly shorter animation lock on certain actions, which would only apply to Forked Raiju and Assassinate. The latter gets succeeded by the action Dream Within a Dream, which does not have animation lock, so the tweak will probably just make Forked Raiju smoother for level 90 Ninjas.

Soon, we’ll see all the potencies, percentages and timing windows and find out exactly how all Jobs are changing when the full FFXIV 6.1 patch notes are released on April 11. In the meantime, check out our breakdown on all the upcoming FFXIV 6.1 Job changes we know of. And be sure to catch up on this hefty Live Letter with our coverage on the new Myths of the Realm alliance raid, the new mounts and minions you’ll be able to earn, and those sweet new Hrothgar hairstyles baby!