Oh Shit, Chainsaw Man Returns to Shonen Jump With More Gore and Devils Next Week

Oh Shit, Chainsaw Man Returns to Shonen Jump With More Gore and Devils Next Week

Chainsaw Man Part 2, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s carnage-filled dark fantasy is finally coming to Shonen Jump this Tuesday.

This afternoon manga publisher Shonen Jump tweeted the news of Chainsaw Man Part 2 comeback, also stating that the latest chapter would be available free on its website. As of writing, the gore-y manga hit has 97 chapters available, and has recently wrapped up its “Public Safety” arc.

The new chapters will deal with protagonist Denji balancing the high-octane lifestyle of hunting devils with the trials and tribulations of high school.

Chainsaw Man originally launched in the winter of 2018, and throws its readers into a realm similar to ours, except devils are real, and are based on the population’s fears. The more widespread the fear (e.g. guns), the more powerful the devil.

It’s a hellish reality that is only soothed by devil hunters, an organization of humans who have formed pacts with devils, with the sole purpose of killing devils. Denji combines with a cute puppy named Pochita, who is somehow the most powerful devil Chainsaw Man is a vigorous trip; h0lding some of the best, intricate linework, keen attention to details, and gut-punching emotional resonance of any manga in recent memory.

Last year, animation studio MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan Final Season) confirmed it would be adapting Chainsaw Man into an anime. A teaser trailer for the show released last month, showcasing snapshots of the demonic, sword-slashing, innards-slinging show in a very tasteful way (without any spoilers, too!)

Chainsaw Man‘s anime doesn’t have a set release date yet, but luckily we have a bunch of new weekly manga chapters to look forward to with Chainsaw Man Part 2 on Tuesday. If you haven’t read Chainsaw Man yet, give it a try! Fanbyte Managing Editor Nerium Strom says, “Chainsaw Man is full of instant, often unexpected violence … exploding tension into sudden dread or comedy or both.”