One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

Chicago PD has characters that stay true to who they are throughout the series, but there are times the cast shows a new side to their characters.

NBC’s Chicago PD has fans waiting on the edge of their seats, with more questions than ever about what will happen with the show’s beloved cast of characters. Many of the show’s main characters have reached crossroads in their lives, and fans can expect significant changes in the next season.

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While most of the characters stay in their own lane, there are times when they shock fans by saying something that goes against everything viewers know about them as people. These shocking moments give the characters more depth and leave fans coming back for more every week.


Hank Voight

“15 years ago, you were a girl barely surviving on the streets. I’m proud of you, Erin.”

As Chicago PD’s most loved anti-hero Hank Voight doesn’t often show vulnerability. As a veteran of the Intelligence Unit, Voight has seen and done things that have left him hardened to emotion. Voight is not often seen with a smile, and if he is, it is a real show of happiness.

As the leader of his unit, Voight has to maintain an aloof demeanor to keep his team’s emotions in check and focus on the case. Voight expressing his pride for Erin, summed up their relationship as Erin went on to quit the unit and the show. His admission cemented that she would always be more than a member of his team and a part of his family.

Jay Halstead

“From here on out, you tell me the truth; you bring me in, so we don’t have to lie anymore. So I can protect you from yourself. You understand me?”

Jay Halstead is a by-the-book kind of cop. He doesn’t feel comfortable with Voight’s barely legal plans most of the time but will never disobey an order unless someone is in danger. Halstead is another character in the show who often doesn’t express his emotions.

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Jay telling Voight he is willing to walk the same path as Voight as long as they do it together marks a change in both characters. Jay will bring balance to the parts of Voight that get him in trouble while also dipping his toes into the morally grey style of policing that Voight has done most of his career.

Adam Ruzek

“Help save Kim or help save the world?”

Adam Ruzek knows he has a temper and runs into situations before thinking. That’s why he and his partner Kevin Atwater make a great duo. The pair could be compared to some of the classic buddy cops from past television shows. Atwater often keeps Ruzek in check, and Ruzek listens to him, but not at this moment.

Ruzek’s high emotions cause him to turn on his friend and let his temper get his best. Ruzek usually can hold himself back, but no one can tell him what he is doing is wrong when it comes to Burgess.

Kim Burgess

“I’m not ready.”

During her time on Chicago PD, Kim Burgess has been through a lot. Even after being shot, Kim returned to the job as soon as she was cleared, and that is how she handles most of the situations she overcomes. She gets cleared, comes to work, and moves on to the next case.

After being kidnapped and nearly dying, Kim made the unlikely admission that she may not be ready ever to come back to work. Kim setting aside her pride to be honest with Ruzek is a rare occurrence in the show and shows that Kim is ready to break down some of her walls.

Kevin Atwater

“I will make it my job to come after you, and I will destroy you.”

Kevin Atwater is the most mild-mannered member of the Intelligence Unit. Atwater has been the shoulder for everyone to cry on and support his partners throughout the show. Atwater is truly a gentle giant.

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Atwater telling someone he will destroy them is entirely out of character. Even in the tensest situations, he keeps a level head. But everyone has their breaking point, and in recent seasons Atwater’s limits have been tested by the CPD and the city of Chicago.

Trudy Platt

“I wonder if this is why the universe is telling you to name your guardian…your backup.”

Trudy Platt points out mistakes in Nadia's application form in Chicago PD

Everyone knows that Trudy Platt isn’t the sweetest member of Chicago PD. Trudy has always been known for her unique brand of snarky comments and brutal honesty throughout nine seasons.

Trudy stays out of her officers’ personal lives, but she is not someone who can stand by and watch someone struggle. Her questioning of Kim on her hesitation to name a co-Guardian shows that Platt does have a soft side to her despite her hard outer shell.

Hailey Upton

“I’m an open book. You know that.”

Hailey Upton joined Chicago PD and instantly meshed with her fellow officers. However, Hailey kept her past close to the vest and expressed that she had difficulty trusting people and showing emotion.

Hailey telling Jay she is an open book completely contradicts who she has established herself throughout the show. Before they were married, she kept much of her past a secret and didn’t tell Jay she loved him until they had been dating for almost two seasons.

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