One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

With Obi-Wan Kenobi fans not only got a fantastic bridge between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope but characters and character development that add a lot to the Star Wars canon. The personalities of characters new and old in the show shine throughout the six episodes, and many of them have quotes that perfectly encapsulate who they are.

From summaries of their character arcs to the exemplification of their values and goals, each main character has at least one quote that showcases who they are.

Haja Estree

“Look, Have I Made A Few Bad Decisions? Sure. Do I Feel Bad About It? Sometimes. Do I Like Credits? Yeah. So Much Stuff You Can Buy With Credits.”

Haja Estree turned out to have a surprisingly sweet story in Obi-Wan Kenobi, being a conman who wanted to do good and help people despite his faults. This quote perfectly captures that.


Coming while speaking with Obi-Wan, Haja seems genuinely interested in helping those who need it, but at the same time still maintains a love of credits and a willingness to do shady things to attain them. He is hard not to like despite his faults, and his self-awareness is a big reason for that.

Kawlan Roken

“Look, If You Want My Help, You Got It.”

Roken is another new character in the show, and while he does not get too much development nor too much of his past detailed, he has the potential to pop up in future content as some sort of rebel.

This quote sums up who Roken is in the show as a leader and someone who wants to do good, help people who need it, and fight for what is right. Even if it may not be the smartest thing to do or if it is a risk to his life, he wants to help, lead people both to fight and to safety, and inspire hope, a trait seen amongst the best rebel leaders in Star Wars.

 The Grand Inquisitor

“Do You Know The Key To Hunting Jedi, Friend? Patience.”

Rupert Friend as Grand Inquisitor in Obi Wan Kenobi

Thanks to his appearances in Star Wars: Rebels and in the extended canon, the Grand Inquisitor’s history and personality have already been well established, and this quote fits him wonderfully.

The way he articulates this, in such a cold, calculating manner, speaking on hunting Jedi as some sort of art, is very in line with the analytical, knowledge, and Jedi-archive-loving Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is a decently powerful villain but uses intellect to best various opponents, and this quote showcases that level of intelligence.

Tala Durith

“Yeah, Sometimes. But It’s Worth It If I Get To Help People.”

tala obi-wan kenobi

Tala Durith turned out to be a bit of a show-stealing character at times, being someone who helps those on the Path, having defected from the Empire and causing one of the show’s most emotional moments when she sacrifices herself to save Obi-Wan and the others on Jabiim.

This quote comes as a response to Leia, who asks if it is scary pretending to be part of the Empire when she is, in reality, a rebel. Tala shows time and time again that she is strong and fearless, willing to fight for what is right no matter the risk.

Owen Lars

“He Is My Own.”

Grant Feely as Luke Skywalker in Obi Wan Kenobi

One of the best things that Obi-Wan Kenobi does – despite not spending a tremendous amount of time on him – helps further the layers and nuances of Owen Lars’ character, similar to what the extended canon does, improving his scenes in the Skywalker saga.

While many undoubtedly perceive Owen as a bit of a poor father figure at times, perhaps too suffocating and overprotective, he adores Luke and sees Luke as his son, having raised him since he was a baby. This quote of defiance, which is hurled at Reva, is one of the standout lines from the finale and a summary of how Owen views Luke; like his son, his family, and the most important thing in his and Beru’s life.

Bail Organa

“Then Let’s Change Things Together.”

Kenobi Young Leia & Bail Organa

The Organas are a highlight of the show, with Bail getting multiple scenes to shine, especially opposite his daughter, to whom he says this fantastic line in the finale.

When Leia says she wants to change things after finally accepting her path through politics, this is Bail’s response, and it highlights not only how great of a father he is but how he operates as someone fighting the good fight in the Senate. He knows he alone is powerless against the whole Empire but still fights for change and the good of the Galaxy.

Reva Sevander

“I Couldn’t Do It. I Couldn’t Do It. I Failed Them. He Killed Them All, And I Couldn’t Do It.”


There are questions surrounding Reva’s story and her future. Still, in the end, she had an interesting character arc which can get summed up by this line delivered excellently by Moses Ingram, who is immense in the finale.

Reva was so driven by hate and anger throughout the show in the name of revenge against Vader for what he did to her friends. So much so that when she could not kill Luke, when she could not become Vader, she believed herself a failure. Now, Reva gets to go out and properly redeem herself, return to the light side, and truly realize that she did not fail her friends but instead made them proud. This line is where Reva ends up at the end of the show, and what her mindset is by the finale, even if it does not define her future.

Darth Vader

“You Didn’t Kill Anakin Skywalker, I Did. The Same Way I Will Destroy You.”

Whether it’s in the Skywalker saga, standalone films, animated shows, comics, books, video games, or Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader always seems to deliver as one of the best characters ever put to screen with one of the most layered and complex journeys in Star Wars.

He has a slew of legendary quotes, multiple of which come when he faces off against Obi-Wan in this series, including this, arguably the best quote in the show. It pretty much sums up what Vader is to Anakin. Not only does this line highlight how far gone Anakin is at this time – thanks to Vader – but also showcases the tragedy of Anakin, who cannot be saved by his brother, Obi-Wan, just as his sister, Ahsoka, could not save him. The hate and anger emanating from Vader’s very being, which has consumed Anakin, can also be summed up by his last words, words he cannot even help but say, “The same way as I will destroy you.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi

“…Both Were Exceptional People Who Bore An Exceptional Daughter…”

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Leia in Episode 6

Obi-Wan has a slew of amazing quotes throughout the series which showcase steps in his journey and meaningful moments that lead him to be the person he is by the end of the finale, which is where this long quote comes from.

This sees Obi-Wan describe to Leia her best qualities and from which of Padmé and Anakin she got them. What is so great about this line is not just that Obi-Wan can and is comfortable enough to disclose this to Leia, but that he has forgiven himself and can remember his friends fondly without the asterisk of Vader looming over his every positive thought regarding them. It does not sum up every aspect of his phenomenal, complex character but certainly represents a good portion of his journey in the series.

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