Oscar Isaac Felt Very Powerful When Wearing Moon Knight Costume

Oscar Isaac Felt Very Powerful When Wearing Moon Knight Costume

Oscar Isaac recalls putting on the Moon Knight suit for the first time, admitting he felt pretty powerful thanks to its incredible craftsmanship.

Oscar Isaac describes how it felt to wear the Moon Knight costume, offering special praise for the craftsmanship that went into it. This Wednesday, Isaac will join the MCU with the Disney+ series Moon Knight, a 6-episode limited series that looks to explore the darker side of the universe. Isaac plays Marc Spector, a mercenary who was blessed with special powers by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. That alone would make life complicated, but Marc also has dissociative identity disorder, meaning he has multiple personalities that live inside him.

When Moon Knight first begins, one such personality will be in charge: Unassuming Brit Steven Grant, who has recently found himself terrorized by strange memories and sleepless nights. As Moon Knight really gets going, Steven will uncover the truth behind his life, leading him on a wild adventure. The series also stars May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly, Marc’s partner in many senses of the word, and Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, a cult leader with some major power of his own. So far, it looks like Moon Knight will be unlike any previous Marvel project.


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Isaac has been making the rounds promoting Moon Knight, and he recently shared some behind the scenes tidbits with TVLine. Speaking specifically about his costume, Isaac opened up about what it was like to put it on while on set. He said he felt “very powerful” while he was wearing the full Moon Knight suit, but there was also something special about his additional Mr. Knight look. Isaac said:

“[It’s] amazing that they constructed this incredible suit that’s able to be worn and moved in. The craftsmanship of the people involved in making this show is next level. As far as feeling like a superhero, that Moon Knight suit is pretty intense, but I also love the character that came out of the Mr. Knight suit. That was kind of our own creation, the character that embodies Mr. Knight.”

Moon Knight brooding with the full moon behind him in the Disney+ Moon Knight series

Putting on the suit is always a special occasion for new superhero actors. For Isaac, it likely held some extra weight because of his previous experience with the superhero world. He starred in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which required some heavy prosthetics, blue makeup, and an overall cumbersome costume. It sounds like Isaac’s Moon Knight experience couldn’t be farther from that, seeing as he felt as powerful as the god-blessed hero actually is. Just from the various trailers and images that have been revealed so far, the Moon Knight costume is a unique style, and seeing it come to life has been pretty exciting.

Isaac’s mention of the Mr. Knight suit also elicits some intrigue. The costume has been revealed in a few pictures, but there hasn’t really been any footage of that persona just yet. As Moon Knight unfolds, audiences will meet Mr. Knight, and they’ll get to see how Isaac and the creative team developed him. That adds an extra layer to this already fascinating series, which will no doubt dominate the online conversation in the coming weeks. There is still so much to uncover when it comes to Moon Knight, so audiences should buckle in now.

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Moon Knight premieres Wednesday, March 30 on Disney+.

Source: TVLine

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