Peacemaker Season 2 Filming Start Window Confirmed By James Gunn

Peacemaker Season 2 Filming Start Window Confirmed By James Gunn

James Gunn has revealed on Twitter when production on season 2 of John Cena-fronted The Suicide Squad spinoff show, Peacemaker, will begin.

James Gunn has revealed when Peacemaker season 2 will begin filming. The first TV series set in the DC Extended Universe, Peacemaker serves as a spinoff to Gunn’s irreverent critical hit, The Suicide Squad. The show is a solo venture for John Cena’s anti-hero Christopher Smith. It follows the character as he convalesces from the injuries sustained during the original movie and joins the mysterious A.R.G.U.S. black ops squad “Project Butterfly.” In the new series, Cena’s Peacemaker teams up with a number of unlikely groupmates – Danielle Brooks’s Leota Adebayo, Freddie Stroma’s Adrian Chase / Vigilante, Chukwudi Iwuji’s Clemson Murn, Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt, and Steve Agee’s John Economos – to take down a parasitic alien race that’s making human bodies its hosts. During this mission, the anti-hero must also confront his inner struggles while dealing with the ghost of his past.


Despite some criticism against an arguably heroic portrayal of a jingoistic character, Peacemaker garnered a glowing reception from critics and fans, with many praising its hysterical violence, tongue-in-cheek dissection of vigilantism, and compelling performances. The show was also a ratings hit. The viewership for the series grew with every subsequent episode, with the season finale breaking the record for highest viewership for a single episode for an HBO Max original. Gunn was initially reluctant to commit to another season before he could crack a good story, but ultimately a deal was materialized, leading Peacemaker season 2 to land an order in February.

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Now, responding to a tweet, Gunn revealed the window for when Peacemaker season 2 will begin filming. As the showrunner notes, production on the second season will kickstart sometime in 2023, although a specific date is yet to be set in stone. Gunn offered no further details on the filming schedule for the new show. Take a look at his tweet below.

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Recently, WB’s cancelation of the Batgirl movie sparked panic among DC fans, and many began to speculate that other projects could also face the same fate as the film. There was apprehension about what the decision meant for Peacemaker’s future, but Gunn reassured fans that the series is alive and well and not explicitly impacted by the change in leadership at WB. Previously, Gunn also laid concerns about Peacemaker season 2’s connectivity to rest, asserting that the show continues to remain a part of the larger DCEU. However, the showrunner hasn’t detailed any story ideas for the series’ sophomore season. But it’s expected that the show will delve into the ramifications of the season 1 finale, and there is even the potential for Robert Patrick to reprise his White Dragon role. More details will become clear when production gets underway.

Considering Gunn is preoccupied with post-production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it makes sense that he would not be available to begin work on Peacemaker season 2 until his Marvel movie is fully complete. Gunn remains involved in a prominent creative capacity on Peacemaker, as he is returning to direct and write all the episodes, besides serving as the showrunner. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 isn’t due out until May 2023, and since Gunn needs to be there for the marketing campaign, he will likely remain busy until the premiere. Right now, it’s not even clear if the scripts for Peacemaker season 2 are being developed. But if Gunn hasn’t started writing the episodes for the new show, then it’s logical that he will take his time to get the project off the ground. That said, fans shouldn’t expect filming on Peacemaker season 2 to commence before the latter half of 2023, meaning the show won’t likely come out until 2024.

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